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“One not only drinks the wine, one smells it, observes it, tastes it, sips it and-one talks about it” (King Edward VII)

WineCouture was founded in 2020 and is a (registered) italian print publication and a website created to offer insights and quality information on wine and everything around it.

We educate and entertain readers at every level of wine knowledge.

WineCouture is a narration of terroirs, wineries, and labels, storytelling that pass from sharing a glass with producers and analysis of markets and trends in the wine trade.

WineCouture talks about a world we have been passionate about for years and of which we want to continue to investigate every specific and peculiar nuance, then sharing discoveries and stories.

WineCouture International Edition is a weekly newsletter, founded in 2023, dedicated to keep updated 20K wine operators in 15 markets around the globe on the latest industry news worldwide.

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