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A Masi Wine Experience for the B7 gala dinner in Verona

A selection of wines from Masi, leader in the production of Amarone, were served on 12 March at the gala dinner of the B7 – the intergovernmental cooperation forum of the seven most industrialized countries held in Verona as part of the G7 – in the elegant setting of the Prefecture headquarters. The organization and service during the evening were entrusted to the Masi Wine Experience staff, which manages the catering and wine tourism activities of the winemaking group. The menu, curated by Vitangelo Galluzzi, Hospitality Services Manager, offered a culinary experience celebrating the typical products symbolic of the Verona area.

B7 of Verona: the intergovernmental cooperation forum chooses the Masi Wine Experience

Each dish of the Masi Wine Experience was paired with a wine from the portfolio of the historic Valpolicella winery which today has opened its horizons reaching new suitable territories but always in the name of its centuries-old expertise.

To be included in the special tasting itinerary of Italian wine excellence: Vign’Asmara, an elegant white produced from Chardonnay grapes on the Conti Bossi Fedrigotti estates in Trentino, MontePiazzo, Valpolicella Classico Superiore from Possessioni Serego Alighieri in Valpolicella, Riserva Costasera, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico by Masi and to accompany the dessert the recioto Angelorum by Masi. The aperitif was accompanied by the Spumante Brut Setàge, produced on the Canevel estate in Valdobbiadene.

Not only was Masi wines toasted at the B7 gala dinner in Verona, but Amarone is also the oenological common thread of the meeting between Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and the guest ministers of South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine as well as the leaders of the European Council and the Commission. In fact, there are 13 cases of Amarone specially created by the Valpolicella Wine Consortium to pay homage to the representatives of the industry, technology and digital sectors gathered in the city of Verona for the special occasion.

B7 of Verona: the intergovernmental cooperation forum chooses the Masi Wine Experience and wines from the Amarone cellar for the gala dinner