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Albino Armani at Prowein 2024, focus on the German market: white wines take center stage

Back to Düsseldorf. Albino Armani Viticoltori dal 1607 (Winemakers since 1607) meets operators and the trade press at Prowein 2024, the historic international wine exhibition that reopens its doors on Sunday 10 March for a three-day event dedicated to business operations, meetings with potential or long-standing partners and the creation of new synergies. The German market for Albino Armani is by well consolidated, thanks to the collaboration of historic importers – such as Raffaele Giordano ( – and more recent ones such as Brogsitter (, operating in specific geographical areas of the country in order to guarantee consistent and increasingly strategic distribution. Their white wines – which the company produces at the foot of the Alps and which today occupy the largest slice of Albino Armani-brand wine imported and consumed in Germany – remain champions in sales and witnesses of high appreciation among German consumers. 

We are talking about Pinot Grigio – always the leader – Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, all vehicles for a unique and unmistakable style linked to the mountain territories and now sought after internationally for their freshness, tastiness, versatility and moderate alcohol content; good performance also for Lugana Doc, a success that the denomination owes to the now historic relationship between wine tourism and Lake Garda.

Albino Armani at Prowein 2024, focus on the German market: white wines take center stage with Pinot Grigio, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc.

Albino Armani at Prowein 2024: focus on white wines

Sons of north-eastern Italy, which to all intents and purposes has brought the elegance of Italian whites to the world, the Albino Armani’s wines are a vehicle for tradition and quality, attributes strongly requested by the German consumer, who also expects great attention to sustainability from the wine product: all of the estate’s vineyards, in fact, are Sqnpi – National Integrated Production Quality System – certified. 

But quality and attention to the environment are not the only keys to Albino Armani’s success. Even at a time that is not easy for the sector on an international level, the company maintains more or less stable shares in Germany and other foreign markets thanks to a winning strategy of differentiation and introduction of new brands (but also of new grape varieties) as a guarantee of both valid positioning and offer alternatives in times of difficulty and, consequently, of an excellent quality-price ratio. All this is accompanied by a structured and constant communication, always entrusted to experienced and trusted local partners who know how to interpret demand in the target country and propose new products at the right time and according to need.