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Allegrini Wines, the new course: focus on the premiumization of the historic brand and from 2025 La Grola will be Valpolicella Superiore

A new course, inaugurated with a gala event at the Maffei Restaurant, right in the center of Verona, and which will increasingly have Valpolicella as its privileged horizon, as evidenced by the announcement that La Grola will be reclaimed as Valpolicella Superiore from 2025. Official baptism for Allegrini Wines, the leading company that includes the historic winery, the distribution company Allegrini Wine Distribution – with the Corte Giara brand and other Italian and foreign wines – and the new Tenuta Merigo production center. The new logo and strategic guidelines of the Veneto Group have been revealed after the recent corporate reorganization, with the acquisition of the majority of the shares by the brothers Francesco, Matteo and Giovanni, sons of Franco, who, together with their cousin Silvia, daughter of Walter, currently have control of the company. “The choice to create a new naming for the company arises from the desire to provide clarity and therefore ease of reading the new structure of the companies, transmitting the clear message that Allegrini is at the center of our premiumization project and from the historic brand, part the development of the other branches of the company”, underlines CEO Francesco Allegrini. “The message was received positively by the operators, starting primarily from the Italian ones and for this we are satisfied”.

Allegrini Wines, the new course: focus on the premiumization of the historic brand and from 2025 La Grola will be Valpolicella Superiore
Francesco Allegrini

The new architecture of Allegrini Wines

Time to take stock in Allegrini Wines, the new reality recently presented at Vinitaly 2024. The will of the new governance of the historic Valpolicella winery is to put wine and all the projects aimed at its valorisation at the centre, while at the same time clarifying the roles, skills and scope of action within the company structure. Thus a new brand image is born with the stylized initials of the naming.

“Together with the integrated communications agency Hangar Design Group we have completed the rebranding which officially marks the start of the new company direction”, continues Francesco Allegrini. “We want to keep Allegrini at the center of everything and this is the reason why this name remains crucial, despite being divided into multiple units relating to the different souls and facets of our work”.

Allegrini Wines, the new course: focus on the premiumization of the historic brand and from 2025 La Grola will be Valpolicella Superiore

Here, therefore, under the umbrella of Allegrini Wines lies first and foremost Allegrini, the historic brand that has always promoted the “signature wines” of Valpolicella (and for some years also Lugana) in the world.

Allegrini Wine Distribution, on the other hand, is the distribution company born from the desire to combine the wines in the range with a series of products from companies similar in philosophy and respect for tradition, starting with the references of Corte Giara, the line created in 1989 by the Allegrini family and dedicated to wines with an excellent quality-price ratio, but at the same time with great research aimed at the raw material and attentive to changes in global consumption.

The following have also recently been added to enrich the portfolio of Allegrini Wine Distribution: Agricola Lanciani, a completely organic company from the Marche region, which aims to valorise two historic vines of this region, namely Pecorino and Montepulciano; Domaine du Couvent, a small family-run business from Burgundy, more precisely from Gevrey-Chambertin; and Jacques Picard, of the homonymous artisan “vigneron” of Champagne.

Among the foreign brands already distributed in Italy we also note Olivier Leflaive, Thibault Liger-Belair, Domaine Henri Rebourseau – one of the most important references on the Burgundian Côte de Nuits for the production of great wines – and, directly from Champagne, the renowned Valentin Leflaive .

Finally, to complete the innovation project of the Veronese winery, Tenuta Merigo falls within the orbit of Allegrini Wines, the new production center which will see the light in the coming years in Fumane, in memory of the paternal grandmother of the Allegrini cousins, in the adjacent area to the current company headquarters. Tenuta Merigo will also be Allegrini’s space dedicated to welcoming wine tourism and valorising the Valpolicella area, one of the essential objectives pursued by the new governance.

Vinitaly 2024: the dinner accompanied by the creations of Bobo Cerea by Da Vittorio

Allegrini’s new brand architecture made its debut at Vinitaly 2024.

“I won’t deny that we faced this event full of enthusiasm but also with the positive tension that precedes great debuts,” comments Francesco Allegrini. “Obviously it’s not my first Vinitaly, but this is as if it were, both for me and for my brothers. We knew that there was curiosity on the part of the operators who, after the acquisition, we were meeting here for the first time, in such large numbers. Especially for our international partners, such as our American and Japanese importers, to name just two, who on this occasion we were able to meet in person after the acquisition. But also journalists, critics, the whole world of sommeliers and haute cuisine to which we are very attached. It was also an opportunity to celebrate a great return. At our side for our first big event we wanted a friend, Bobo Cerea: the three-starred restaurant Da Vittorio which, for too long, was away from our events, studied the perfect combination of raw materials and dishes that could best enhance the Allegrini wines”.

A walk around dinner that unfolded in the rooms of the Maffei Restaurant, owned by the Gambaretto family, to end in the evocative Roman excavations where it was possible to taste La Poja 2018, the iconic wine that best represents the history and identity of the reality of Valpolicella .

“The return of Bobo Cerea follows that of Carlo Cracco”, underlines Francesco Allegrini, “who we had strongly wanted at our side for the first press appointment in January”. The Milanese chef had also been chosen in the past for the Allegrini events at Vinitaly. “A relationship of mutual esteem that passes through the splendid collaboration and friendship that binds us to Gianluca Sanso, also from Verona and now a Sommelier and Restaurant Manager”, reports Francesco Allegrini.

Allegrini Wines, the new course: focus on the premiumization of the historic brand and from 2025 La Grola will be Valpolicella Superiore

The future of Allegrini Wines: from 2025 La Grola becomes Valpolicella Superiore

Vinitaly 2024 concludes the first phase of presentation of the new structure of the historic reality of the Allegrini family.

“In this first quarter we concentrated on the company reorganization, in particular of the team of collaborators. We have concluded the work of drafting the financial statements which will be filed shortly”, explains the CEO of the Veneto Group. “I can say that if we look at the numbers of Allegrini Wines, the turnover generated by the brands that compose it today, Allegrini, Corte Giara and the wines in distribution, the 2023 turnover is 21.25 million euro for a production of 2.3 millions of bottles. We expect to close 2024 with a plus sign of around 4 or 5 percentage points.”

Following this, the start of what will be a “rationalisation” of the line has already been announced. “In the coming years we will focus on Allegrini wines, which best represent our concept of value and premiumisation”, comments Francesco Allegrini. “The first step will be for Valpolicella Superiore, which from 2025 will be represented by La Grola, which we will elevate by claiming the Denomination”.

“The Palazzo della Torre, then, will see a further evolution in style. While some of the current more commercial Allegrini branded products will disappear. Corte Giara, however, will increasingly represent the brand that, through our history and experience, will intercept new market trends. We are planning what will be a balancing of production, which will see a growth in Corte Giara mirroring the decrease in Allegrini: we have two brands that must live with two different narratives and their development must be with two different objectives”.

Allegrini Wines, the new course: focus on the premiumization of the historic brand and from 2025 La Grola will be Valpolicella Superiore