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Alsace Wines France Pavillon Gold Partners at The Osaka World Expo 2025 

For the very first time, a winemaking region will be representing France at a World Expo and it will be Alsace. Alsace wines will be positioned at the very heart of the France Pavillon in Osaka and will embody its theme “Hymn to love: love of oneself, love of others, love of nature.”

France and Alsace wines declare their love for Japan

The France Pavilion at the Osaka World Expo 2025 sets a vision for the future guided by the things that are really important in life, by commitments which are ultimately all odes to love: love for oneself and for others, love of the planet, of living creatures, a love of nature. Yet it also evokes a love story between France and Japan and, in particular, the strong cultural connections that have united Japan and Alsace for over 160 years. Although the Alsace region is celebrated all over the world, its wines benefit particularly from the long-standing appreciation and interest they receive from Japanese consumers.

Japan is Alsace wine’s sixth market in terms of value and comes out on top in the Asia-Pacific. Asia as a whole is very strategically important for Alsace, as its cuisines are a perfect match for the Alsatian style, meaning its markets have outstanding potential for growth. Alsace’s presence at the Osaka World Expo demonstrates its commitment to enriching these historic, cultural, and commercial ties still further.

Alsace Wines: from a love of nature

Alsace winegrowers are intimately connected to nature and the natural environment, they have made Alsace’s vineyards some of the best in the world. Preserving this balance of the nature and mankind for over 1000 years is what defines the raison d’être and savoir-faire of Alsace’s vineyards. This is the relationship which unites the 3000 winegrowing families and 700 businesses selling Alsace wines today.

This tender, alchemical bond that Alsace’s vineyards have maintained with nature, vintage after vintage, from one generation to the next, will be the focus of the region’s messaging as part of the France Pavilion.

For the very first time, a winemaking region, Alsace Wines France Pavillon Gold Partners at The Osaka World Expo 2025 in Japan.

Acting Today to Save Tomorrow

Over the last few years, the Alsace region has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the quality and diversity of its wines, instigating bold, high-impact initiatives to promote the sector by highlighting its wines at trade fairs and countless events, and taking a strong position on communication and social responsibility.

But it doesn’t stop there: the next few years will see the launch of the “Cité des Vins d’Alsace”, or “Alsace’s World of Wine”, an intergenerational project that will serve as a promotional tool for locals, national, and international, visitors alike, for those who dream of coming to Alsace or for the millions who travel along the remarkable Alsace Wine Route every year.

Alsace Wine’s participation in the World Expo 2025 is part of this endeavour and illustrates the region’s desire to showcase Alsace’s iconic vineyards on an international stage.

“By taking part in Osaka, Alsace Wines is demonstrating that they are an embodiment of French excellence, that they are blazing a trail for future generations and are truly ahead of their time, working on the set of some of the most remarkable wines on the planet,” – Serge Fleischer, President of Civa.

“We are delighted to welcome Alsace Wines as one of France Pavilion’s Gold Partners. The presence of these 3000 winegrowers contributes to the significant biodiversity offered by our supporters as well as offering a wonderful illustration of our country’s love of nature, a love that will be at the heart of the permanent exhibition,” – Jacques Maire, President of Cofrex and Commissioner of the France Pavilion at Osaka 2025.

About the France Pavilion at Osaka World Expo 2025

The Osaka World Expo 2025 (Japan) will take place between the 13th April and 13th October 2025, around the theme of “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”, broken down into three sub-themes: “Saving Lives”, “Inspiring Lives”, “Connecting Lives”.  It will be held on the man-made Yumeshima Island and located in Osaka bay on a 155ha site, with buildings designed by architect Sosuke Fujimoto. The Pavilions will be connected by a “ring roof”, 615m in diameter and with a circumference of 2km, divided into three macro-zones: Green World, Pavilion World, and Water World. More than 150 countries will be represented and 28 milion visitors are expected to attend. The France Pavilion, which aims to showcase French innovation and expertise, will be located in the “Empowering Lives” zone, near the Japan Pavilion and the main entrance to the World Exposition.