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Antinori supports the restoration of Ponte Vecchio in Florence to celebrate the first 50 years of Tignanello

The history of Florence and that of one of the oldest Italian wine families united again. This time in the name of the celebrations for the first 50 years of its symbolic label, Tignanello, and of an icon of the city, cradle of the Renaissance: the Ponte Vecchio. The Antinori family has announced, in fact, that it will support the Municipality of Florence in the next conservative restoration activities of the famous monument, the first of this type carried out on the work, aimed at restoring it to its former glory.

Antinori supports the restoration of Ponte Vecchio in Florence to celebrate the first 50 years of Tignanello.

The Antinori family supports the Municipality of Florence in the restoration of Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Marchesi Antinori, within the broader project of the conservative restoration of Ponte Vecchio, will support the part relating to the façades of the historic monument.

“The history of our family has always been closely linked to the city of Florence since the 13th century”, explained Piero Antinori, honorary president of the reality, during a press conference held yesterday, 10 April, at Palazzo Vecchio. Tuscany. “A city that has given us so much over these centuries, which is why we are particularly pleased to be able to be part of this important project”.

The “pretext” for this partnership, as explained by the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, is an important anniversary that the company is involved in this year: the first half century of its symbolic wine.

“The 50 years of Tignanello are the perfect opportunity to support the Municipality of Florence in this new conservation project of Ponte Vecchio, a symbol of the city of Florence in the world and a source of pride for all of us Florentines”, said Piero Antinori.

Antinori supports the restoration of Ponte Vecchio in Florence to celebrate the first 50 years of Tignanello.

Built in the first half of the fourteenth century and the subject of various renovations and consolidations over the centuries, Ponte Vecchio had never yet received conservative restoration interventions, aimed at its enhancement also from an aesthetic point of view.

The works, whose start date is scheduled for autumn 2024, will involve the restoration of the original materials of all the elements present such as armillae, elevations, arches, piles, abutments, wing walls, flooring and parapets in the two central squares, in order to guarantee their conservation over time. At the same time, the works necessary to improve the management of rainwater will be carried out.

“This bridge is the symbol of the city, it has resisted floods, fires and the Nazi-fascist invasion. Now, for the first time in its centenary history, it will be the subject of a complex restoration operation that will allow it to be fully valorised”, explains the Florentine mayor, Dario Nardella.

“Ponte Vecchio obviously has no stability problems, it is firm and anchored, but it suffers from the typical ailments of any structure placed outdoors, subject to atmospheric phenomena and river floods. This is a historic project because Ponte Vecchio has never had a restoration intervention of this technical complexity. In the end, we will have an even more beautiful bridge than we are used to seeing. I deeply thank the Antinori family for this special gift they wanted to give to Florence: it is thanks to the sensitivity and generosity of these gestures that the public and private sectors together can take care of the artistic and historical heritage of the city”.

As regards timing, the works to be carried out on the pavement are scheduled between October and November 2024, those on the piers and abutments of the bridge are scheduled for summer 2025, while those relating to the elevations are on the agenda for summer 2026. The total amount of the intervention is 2 million euros.