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Banfi: the new edition of the 2023 Sustainability Report has been published

The path of responsibility towards the territory and the community of one of the most well-known faces of Montalcino and Brunello, once again endorsed in an important report. Banfi presents the 2023 Sustainability Report, now in its ninth edition with this release which recounts the most recent achievements. Cristina Mariani-May, CEO and owner of Banfi, in the opening letter to the Report reflects “on the countless changes that the world has experienced in recent years, with the new decade, in particular, which constantly puts us face to face with exceptional events… in a perennial alternation of different situations”. And she continues: “Today, we are experiencing a moment of transition, probably the most important in recent decades, in which it is clear that what worked yesterday is not working well, and tomorrow it will no longer work. Our commitment is to face the challenges of the present while preparing for the opportunities of the future.”

Banfi: the new edition of the 2023 Sustainability Report has been published of one of the most well-known faces of Montalcino and Brunello

Banfi Sustainability Report 2023: all the goals achieved

Retracing Banfi’s stages of the 2023 Sustainability Report, the relationship between the company and human capital is increasingly central, which has resulted in the signing of the Urbino Charter, a document of intent aimed at promoting the well-being of its workers in the workplace.

Added to this is the experimental project involving workers in the agricultural and commercial sectors. Developed in collaboration with the main trade unions and employers’ organisations, the agreement provides for the remodulation and reduction of working hours, while keeping wages unchanged.

2023 also saw the birth of an ESG Committee, whose task is to coordinate and promote strategic choices relating to sustainability.

Among the numerous activities completed is the improvement achieved in the ESG rating class. The synthetic and impartial judgment which certifies the solidity of an organization from an environmental, social and governance point of view, was attested to the BBB level, recognizing the Montalcino company in the high performance range.

The 2022-2024 strategic plan was confirmed by the new governance that took office at the beginning of 2023, with the redefinition of the new corporate boards of directors of Banfi Srl and Banfi

Società Agricola Srl, in addition to the creation of the Executive Committee, an innovative body entrusted with the task of guaranteeing an increasingly greater degree of integration of the requests of stakeholders in Italy and the United States and of formulating the best business and corporate growth strategies.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning the Equalitas Product certification which, after Poggio all’Oro 2016, the first Brunello di Montalcino to be able to boast it, was also recognized for the Brunello di Montalcino Poggio alle Mura and Vigna Marrucheto 2018 and Poggio alle Mura Riserva 2018.

The 2023 Sustainability Report, as with previous editions, was subjected to limited assurance activity according to the ISAE 3000 Revised standard. The review, entrusted to PricewaterhouseCoopers Business Services Srl, a leading company operating in the business consultancy sector, certifies the adherence of the contents of the document to the guidelines adopted for the drafting.

Edited by the Inarea Identity Design agency, the 2023 Sustainability Report is already available on the Banfi website.