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Bottega Star White: the new demi-sec sparkling wine

A new designer bubble for one of the protagonists of Italian wine. This sparkling wine that shines with its own light, created by designer Monica Lisetto, is called Bottega Star White. A demi-sec Vintage Charmat Method obtained from the vinification of Moscato, Glera, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. This versatile wine presents unique and new characteristics compared to the other Bottega labels: from the sugar content to olfactory characteristics in which peach, tropical fruits and flowers stand out. The choice of these specific vines was made to guarantee a harmonious product on an organoleptic level and good durability over time thanks to the use of Pinot Noir. And then an image of great and immediate impact: the bottle reproduces a constellation on its surface . The white background enhances the zodiac, highlighting the stars that shine intensely, thanks to the LED bulb placed at the base of the bottle itself and activated via a simple switch. Original and refined, this sparkling wine is an intriguing suggestion for exclusive parties, informal events, evenings with friends.

Monica Lisetto signs the image of Bottega Star White, a new Vintage demi-sec sparkling wine

Bottega Star White is a versatile new Vintage demi-sec sparkling wine that adapts to any occasion. It should be consumed mainly pure, even with ice. It pairs excellently with spicy cuisine with fusion notes and shellfish. It is perfect to end a dinner, accompanied by delicious cream-based pastries, fruit salad and fresh fruit.

Monica Lisetto signs the image of Bottega Star White, a new Vintage demi-sec Charmat Method sparkling wine.
Monica Lisetto

Bottega Star White has Monica Lisetto as its creator. She graduated in Venice from the Academy of Fine Arts and has a strong artistic propensity that she has been able to apply to the world of work.

Since 1993 in the role of Image Manager of the Bottega company, he coordinates, chooses and develops the design, graphics and corporate aesthetic choices, including the gardens and architectural structures of the headquarters and the detached cellars.

She helps guide the company’s “green” choices. The latest of which is the introduction of bees into organic vineyards. For two decades you have been part of the Women of Wine Association.

In 2015, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the launch of the atomic bomb, together with Sandro Bottega, he created the “Spirit of Peace” project, as a warning against war in all its forms. Two years later an installation with this name was created in blown glass and exhibited with the patronage of the municipality of Hiroshima in three different museums of the city symbolizing the nuclear tragedy.