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Braida: two new hectares of vineyard for Curej, the youngest of the Barbera wines

Every time a new vineyard is planted at “Braida”, the enthusiasm is renewed and a promise that has united the Bologna family for generations is strengthened: every row that is born is a gift and a commitment for future generations. “This time we went back to doing it on the Asinara hill,” announces Raffaella Bologna, who together with her brother Giuseppe is the owner of the historic Rocchetta Tanaro winery, in the Asti area. “It is a well-ventilated position, which produces healthy fruit, and whose altitude, combined with the cooling effect of the surrounding woods, gives the wines lower alcohol levels. We have recovered a hill historically planted with vines, a beautiful balcony overlooking the town of Rocchetta Tanaro, repositioning vineyards that had been uprooted some time ago. Exposed to the east, south-east and south, this vineyard, purchased in 2021, is very sunny and immersed in a panorama of biodiversity guaranteed by its proximity to the Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park, a 120-hectare green lung which since 1980 has been the first protected area in the Asti area”. The soil here is mostly sandy with red clay, loose and light. Several Barbera clones and rootstocks suitable for this type of soil, with very deep roots, were chosen. The grapes from this new vineyard, in three years, will be added to the production of San Bernardo, Curej: the youngest of Braida’s Barbera wines, fresh and with a contemporary imprint.

Braida: two new hectares of vineyard for Curej, the youngest of the Barbera wines from the Bologna family in Rocchetta Tanaro.

A new vineyard for Curej, the youngest of Braida’s Barbera wines

The name, Curej, celebrates its origins (it is the nickname of the families who have always lived and looked after this small region of Rocchetta Tanaro, where monks already practiced viticulture in the eighteenth century) and in its aromas and taste it evokes the panorama of vineyards and woods from which it was born: open, vast, simple, happy. A Barbera from Braida to which a brief aging in wood and maturation in the bottle give freshness, drinkability and enhance the primary aromas.

“The ideal destination for Curej in our opinion is the restaurant table. Curej, in fact, is a wine that lends itself particularly well to being appreciated in a restaurant context, where expert sommeliers can fully enhance its qualities through targeted gastronomic pairings and suggestive presentations; catering is one of the natural channels for Barbera, a wine that pairs very well with many world cuisines. In particular, for Curej, the natural elegance, lightness and freshness of taste make it a perfect wine also to be served by the glass,” explains Raffaella Bologna.

Curej’s first harvest was in 2019; it joins the other expressions of Barbera Braida, each of which interprets with great expressiveness the specific terroir from which it comes: La Monella, sparkling Barbera del Monferrato, the Montebruna reserves, Bricco dell’Uccellone, Bricco della Bigotta and Ai Suma. “Barbera is in our DNA,” concludes Raffaella Bologna, “with Curej it is once more.”