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Ca’ del Bosco makes its dream come true with the completion of its vineyard assets and the winery

After 52 harvests since its inception, Ca’ del Bosco can at last present its final, long-dreamt-of configuration, which has come to life over the years. A long journey which started in 1968, when the first vineyard was planted, the achievement of which is revealed today, marking a historic landmark for the estate. Nowadays, with vineyards spanning over 280 hectares in 11 out of 19 municipalities of the Franciacorta region, Ca’ del Bosco has almost reached the intended area under vines it planned to cultivate directly. A dream come true, if one thinks that in the 1970s-80s the estate’s vineyards had a surface area of only 13 hectares. This is an all-important achievement, which makes Ca’ del Bosco the guardian of an important share of this area, rigorously cultivated according to the organic farming protocol, which aims at safeguarding the soils and the wildlife that lives in them.

A corporate model firmly based on the cultivation of the estate’s own vineyards, integrated by a vinification method that exalts the character of the grape varieties and the soils. The latter, in turn, are continuously studied, looking for the most diverse nuances in terms of texture, organic matter and mineral profile.

A number of major innovations have been introduced in the cellar, so that the grapes’ potential can be thoroughly extracted and preserved. The definition of a work methodology that highlights what is specific about each vineyard plot. Basic concepts with which to seek excellence in wines in perfect Ca’ del Bosco style.

Ca’ del Bosco attains the goals it set itself 50 years ago and inaugurates a new phase in its history

The overall project took several years to complete and included the cellars, the layout of which was redefined to exploit more effectively the winemaking and aging areas, and celebrate production in evocative settings, stimulating the visitor’s senses through exploration.

The new facility, designed by Falconi Architettura, with which Ca’ del Bosco has partnered ever since the 1990s, aims to be harmoniously integrated with its surroundings and the estate of which it is a part. It defines a path leading to the final destination: the new hospitality center, the tunnel with the caveaux of the Franciacorta Riserva wines and the caveaux in the historical dome, dedicated to the Cuvée Annamaria Clementi, the pupitre gallery and the tunnel where the Vintage Collection “millesimati” age and, last but not least, the Hall of the Senses, which precedes the “Prestige Immersion” installation.

Ca’ del Bosco makes its dream come true with the completion of its vineyard assets in Franciacorta and the new cellar and winery.

The new Hospitality center

The brand new visitors’ hub was completed in 2021, and is characterized by a symbolical circular form, a ring with an oak in the center, which stands for the forests which have always surrounded the headquarters of Ca’ del Bosco.

The building has a distinctive large circular wooden roof, protected by Corten steel, connecting the common areas, the showroom and the tasting rooms.

Ca’ del Bosco makes its dream come true with the completion of its vineyard assets in Franciacorta and the new cellar and winery.

The Vintage Collection tunnel of Ca’ del Bosco

Visitors are guided through the time-honored cellars to the entrance of a caveau, which marks the transition between the old structure and the modern facilities, emphasized by a “starry sky” lighting system through the holes in the pupitres. A long tunnel anticipates the theme of all the connecting spaces – infinite perspectives where the perimeter walls are full-height bottle stacks (Vintage Connection). On the left-hand side, one can admire Ca’ del Bosco’s wine library (the Vinoteca) of the Franciacortas produced here since 1972.

Ca’ del Bosco makes its dream come true with the completion of its vineyard assets in Franciacorta and the new cellar and winery.

The Hall of the Senses and the Ludoscope

The Hall of the Senses is a circular space with a low ceiling, where one can linger for a real sensory experience.Thesettingwascuratedbytheartist Andre Guidotofthe{[(etica)estetica]anestetica} collective; it enables discovery at first-hand of the four senses involved in tastings – touch, smell, sight and hearing. The intent is to encourage visitors to “feel” their senses through an immersive experience, which is meant to be emotional and as personal as that of the tasting at the end of the visit.

At the center of the Hall of the Senses is the “Ludoscope”, crafted by Paolo Scirpa, a master of intangible art – a well of lights reflected through an infinite play of mirrors.

Ca’ del Bosco Prestige Immersion

From here, the visitor is projected into the most scenic of the newly-designed spaces: a colossal upside- down bottle made of 33,000 empty backlit bottles of Cuvée Prestige, a must-see experience. At the bottom, 23 meters below ground, one can peep through an opening in the wall to see the new Cuvée Prestige aging area, which can accommodate up to 4 million bottles. The journey will continue through a sloped tunnel offering an accelerated perspective, which will guide guests to the historical barrel cellars along a staircase highlighted by multiple amber-colored linear lamps, paying tribute to masterpieces of contemporary art.

Ca’ del Bosco makes its dream come true with the completion of its vineyard assets in Franciacorta and the new cellar and winery.

The tours are also accompanied by background sounds developed by Sound Designer Riccardo Caspani.

A major project fostered by the Ca’ del Bosco shareholders, the Marzotto and Zanella families, all-time firm believers in this area’s potential, to be enhanced and expressed through the excellence of their wines.

Ca’ del Bosco, a pioneering vintner and winemaker since the early 1970s, is one of today’s leading producers of Franciacorta wines. A position achieved thanks to enthusiasm, passion, experimentation and hard work, which transformed a cottage surrounded by chestnut woods into one of the most modern and advanced wineries. At Ca’ del Bosco, a single objective determines and defines production, from selection in the vineyard to bottling. Quality of the highest level only, that is to say excellence.