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Cantina Kurtatsch Presents TRES 2016

Cantina Kurtatsch presents the 2016 vintage of TRES, the label that redefines the realm of possibility: three values, symbolized by three cypresses, and the best of three grape varieties, united in a singular wine. A successful project launched for the first time in 2022, with TRES 2015, the cuvée is exclusively produced during the best vintages and embodies the values of a long-standing social winery: bond with the terroir, steadfast commitment and attention to detail. 

“This cuvée represents our vision, which is clear and directed towards the future, in the name of our passion for outstanding red wines, particularly for Bordeaux varieties”, shares Andreas Kofler, president of Cantina Kurtatsch.

“Our work observes profound respect for nature and the terroir, which endows our wines with unique characteristics, as we aim to reduce our impact on the environment and enhance product quality. We have been confidently pursuing our interest in Bordeaux varieties for several years – Kofler continues – for we strongly believe in their potential amidst the challenges posed by climate change”.

Cantina Kurtatsch Presents TRES 2016 a blend of three grape varieties, label Kurtatsch available on international markets starting October 3rd

2,990 bottles from a blend of three grape varieties

Since 2010, Cantina Kurtatsch has studied micro areas within Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vineyards located around the town of Cortaccia, particularly in the area of Brenntal, which is found north of the town, in one of the warmest zones of Alto Adige. 

Among these, the oldest vines of the three different varieties were selected – often just only a few rows within the plot – and vinified separately for the first time in 2015. TRES unveils Cantina Kurtatsch’s excellence with Bordeaux varieties on an international level.

TRES 2016: the Harvest

TRES 2016 is a blend made up of 70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon and combines the essence of each individual variety to create a harmonious whole: the richness of Merlot, the spiciness of Cabernet Franc and the elegant fruit of Cabernet Sauvignon.

“2016 stands out for being the best vintage for reds of recent years, thanks to the ideal climatic conditions that favored the proper ripening of the grapes, especially for Cabernet”, says Othmar Donà, Cantina Kurtatsch’s winemaker since 1992 and the hand behind this cuvée; he passed the torch to young Erwin Carli from the 2022 harvest.

“The warm autumn, the right amount of precipitation and the terroir created the perfect conditions for the optimal expression of this variety. Cabernet, with its distinctive structure, has a more significant presence in TRES compared to the previous vintage, further enriching the wine’s complexity and depth”.

Cantina Kurtatsch Presents TRES 2016 a wine of three grape varieties, label Kurtatsch available on international markets starting October 3rd
The “Milla” wall

Brenntal: the terroir

TRES comes from vineyards situated in Brenntal, one of the warmest sites in Alto Adige. Brenntal is located beneath the town center, on steep slopes facing south-east, at an altitude between 220 and 300 m asl. 

The area is characterized by intense diurnal temperature variation: during the warmer months of the year, temperatures can reach 40°C, only to quickly drop at nighttime thanks to the cool mountain breeze. 

The soils where Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grow are gravelly and porous, presenting dolomite, limestone and clay; those dedicated to Merlot are loamy-sandy and clayey, with sands rich in iron. These are ideal for endowing the varieties with structure and finesse.

Values and identity of the cuvée that redefines the realm of possibility

The name encloses every detail of Cantina Kurtatsch’s great family. 

TRES stands for the number “three” (from the Italian “tre”) and is the number of varieties used, which collectively bring out their best with this new label; it is also the number of the founding values of the winery, represented by the three cypresses: respect for a unique terroir, the commitment of a young and dynamic team and the humble work of the members. 

TRES is also a tribute to the places that make up the identity of Kurtatsch: the name recalls the “Corno di Tres”, the highest peak of the mountain range that rises above the town, a mountain that greatly influences the terroir of Cortaccia. 

A sip of TRES carries the cool evening breeze that descends from the range and endows the wine with its distinct alpine character.

Cantina Kurtatsch Presents TRES 2016 a wine of three grape varieties, label Kurtatsch available on international markets starting October 3rd

TRES 2016: a label that honors Kurtatsch available on international markets starting October 3rd

The bond with the territory also emerges from the label. Each of the 2,990 bottles produced with the 2016 vintage – along with the exclusive 150 Magnum bottles – was hand painted by a young 22-year-old artist from Cortaccia, Carmen Maria Alber, who recently graduated in graphic design in St. Pölten, Austria. 

Carmen drew inspiration from the “Milla” wall: the distinctive and captivating dolomite rock wall upon which the village of Cortaccia stands and that also inspired the design of the winery’s wine shop facade, offering breathtaking views from its terrace. 

The label was created by blending the soil from the vineyards where the grapes grow with acrylic binder. The expressive style can be found in the various layers of the painting, emphasized through the different textures created by diverse methods of “color” application (brushing, dabbing or scratching), and in the technique itself, done by hand using the index finger. The lighter areas containing less soil create a distinct contrast with the darker and thicker ones, which allow for a true tangible experience thanks to their consistency: a play of contrasts, proportions and perspectives. 

The three triangular sections that result from the arrangement of the motif are connected to the values of the company: the vines symbolize the work of the members, the rock cliff stands for the distinctive bond with the terroir and the sky represents the vision and aspiration towards the future of the young and dynamic “family” of Cantina Kurtatsch.

Cantina Kurtatsch Presents TRES 2016 a wine of three grape varieties, label Kurtatsch available on international markets starting October 3rd
Cantina Kurtatsch: Othmar Doná, Carmen Maria Alber, Andreas Kofler

About Cantina Kurtatsch

At an altitude of 700 meters, between 220 m and 900 m asl, we have found extreme differences: challenges, climates, soils and exposures that motivate us every day to look for the relation between varieties and terroir, in order to find the ideal conditions for the cultivation and expressions of each grape. In the mountains, each wine and each vintage are the fruits of a specific and unrepeatable set of events.

Cantina Kurtatsch is a new model of cooperation: 190 families who innovate and redefine environmental, social and economic sustainability. Members sustainably produce wines that reflect their distinct origin, their unique and incomparable terroir.

A young team that works in a contemporary architectural structure that is perfectly integrated into the landscape and includes distinctive natural elements, right from the materials used for construction: specifically, dolomite, the true essence of the surrounding landscape. For 120 years we have harmoniously lived with the community and with nature, and we have been promoting Alto Adige’s cultural heritage around the world.