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Cantina Puiatti launches the first sparkling wine in the world with a cork that protects the oceans

Safeguarding the oceans also involves conscious choices and innovation. Saturday 8 June, on the occasion of World Oceans Day, Cantina Puiatti has chosen to launch a limited edition of its iconic Ribolla Gialla Metodo Classico with Nomacorc Pops Ocean cork. An absolute novelty: it is in fact the first winery in the world to have chosen to use this sustainable circular economy cork.

What is Nomacorc Pops Ocean, the cork that protects the oceans chosen by Cantina Puiatti for its limited edition

Nomacorc Pops Ocean is the first sparkling wine stopper made using recycled plastic waste destined to end up in the oceans. This waste is called Ocean Bound Plastic, or OBP.

Choosing Pops Ocean means not only making a responsible choice for the environment, actively contributing to the protection of the oceans, but also guaranteeing qualitative excellence for sparkling wines, preserving their sensorial profile.

Cantina Puiatti, which has always pursued a production philosophy that respects the environment, strongly wanted this collaboration which represents a further important step towards protecting the ecosystem.

“To achieve tangible results, it is necessary that all actors in the value chain are involved in this process; this is why we chose Nomacorc Pops Ocean, to make a concrete contribution to change and the fight against marine pollution. The use of Nomacorc Pops Ocean contributes to fueling the demand for the use of these raw materials and the recycling of this waste and prevents damage to the ocean and its ecosystem”, underlines Alberto Lusini, CEO of Angelini Wines & Estates, of which Cantina Puiatti has been part since 2010.

“This is a beautiful project that helps promote the replacement of virgin materials with their recycled equivalent. Angelini Wines & Estates has always promoted excellence and quality, combining tradition and innovation, but today we recognize that true excellence is inseparable from sustainability”.

These are echoed by the words of Antonino La Placa, sales director for Italy and South East Europe at Vinventions:

“The fight against marine pollution requires a collective commitment to sustainable solutions, and we are honored that Cantina Puiatti is joining us in adopting the Nomacorc Pops Ocean cork. With this choice, wineries and their consumers become protagonists of change, promoting a circular philosophy that replaces virgin materials with recycled ones. We are thrilled that this project for our new Pops sparkling wine stopper comes to life in Italy, once again underlining the strong attention to innovation and environmental sustainability of Italian producers.”

Nomacorc Pops Ocean offers the same performance and reliability as other caps in the Nomacorc range. This raw material obtained through an advanced recycling method has exactly the same properties as a virgin raw material, confers the same suitability for food contact and the same performance to the finished product but in favor of safeguarding the planet.

Cantina Puiatti launches the first sparkling wine with a cork that protects the oceans limited edition of its Ribolla Gialla Metodo Classico