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Cantina San Paolo: the 2023 Selections designed by Philipp Zublasing make their debut

Cantina San Paolo: le Selezioni 2023 sotto la firma di Philipp Zublasing, innovazione e tradizione in bottiglia

The 2023 Selections of Cantina San Paolo, bottled since April and presented en primeur at Vinitaly, are now available in wine shops and restaurants throughout Italy. These wines represent the heart of the production of the historic cooperative founded in 1907 in Appiano, the result of grapes selected from high quality vineyards located mainly around the town of San Paolo. “The Selections tell a story of grape variety and terroir in the glass, with a precise stylistic imprint of freshness and tension that I have tried to interpret and develop as best as possible,” says Philipp Zublasing, the winery’s oenologist.

The 2023 vintage, which marks the beginning of Zublasing’s career at Cantina San Paolo, was characterized by complex weather conditions, requiring an extraordinary effort from the 200 wine-growing families.

Spring was marked by little rain and cool temperatures, while summer brought humidity and peaks of heat. In September, warm days and cool nights stabilized the situation.

“It was a challenging year, but the scrupulous efforts of our members allowed us to bring healthy and ripe bunches to the cellar. I am very satisfied with how the wines have evolved in recent months,” explains Zublasing.

The Gems of the 2023 Selections Cantina San Paolo

  • Plötzner: The Pinot Bianco symbol of the San Paolo winery, now in its 38th harvest, comes from the limestone and porphyry soils of the Plötznerhof farm in Appiano Monte, at around 650 meters above sea level. The current vintage stands out for a savory finish, testimony to the unique terroir of the area.
  • Gfill Sauvignon: With its notes of elderberry and a crisp acid structure, this Sauvignon comes from a cool, breezy area at the foot of the Mendola Coast, giving the wine an unrivaled liveliness.
  • Missianer 2023: This Vernatsch awarded at the Vernatsch Cup 2024, interprets a Schiava with genuine character, with fruity and floral aromas and a juicy mouth.
Cantina San Paolo the historic cooperative founded in 1907 in Appiano: the 2023 Selections designed by Philipp Zublasing make their debut

A step towards Sustainability

With the 2023 vintage, Cantina San Paolo has taken a significant step towards sustainability, adopting a lighter and more eco-friendly glass bottle. Over 90% of production has gone from 460 gram bottles to 410 gram bottles, thus reducing CO2 emissions during glass production.

Cantina San Paolo’s 2023 Selections represent not only a celebration of high-quality viticulture, but also a commitment to a more sustainable future, all under the innovative and passionate leadership of Philipp Zublasing.