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Cecchi Introduces a New Label: La Mora Toscana Igt 

An unmistakable symbol of Tuscany. A brand that embodies high quality and expertise, as well as perfect balance between respect for its heritage and the pursuit of progress. Cecchi, now celebrating its 130th anniversary, adds a new label to its outstanding La Mora wine brand: La Mora Toscana Igt 2022. 

This wine is a blend that celebrates and enhances the pleasant character and unique qualities of the grape varieties used. On the one hand, the important structure of Sangiovese: a decisive and authentic grape, the leading variety of Tuscan viticulture. On the other, Merlot, the most widely cultivated international grape variety in the region. In its Maremma expression, it adds richness, balsamic notes and a warm smoothness.

Italian Wine: Cecchi Introduces a New Label: La Mora Toscana Igt, a new entry, an ode to the evolving nature of Tuscany.

The result is a wine with a generous and intriguing personality that pairs wonderfully with a wide array of dishes thanks to its full body. The wine’s charming character also contributes to its appeal as a pleasant choice for informal occasions. 

La Mora welcomes a new entry, an ode to the evolving nature of Tuscany by Cecchi

La Mora is one of the most historic brands of Famiglia Cecchi, widely recognized and esteemed by consumers. The brand fully embodies the company’s expertise and its connection to the territory, especially with Maremma, a prime winegrowing area in southern Tuscany.

La Mora’s name is inspired by the term “morello”, which refers to the dark coat that characterizes Maremmano horses, a local horse breed of the Maremma region, where the tradition of the Butteri (local name for a “mounted herder”) still lives on.

La Mora Toscana Igt is the latest addition to the range, fitting into the long history of “purebred” wines that bring out vitality in the glass while remaining perfectly bound to the spirit of their land of origin.

La Mora Toscana Igt debuts on the market this October with the 2022 vintage.

In the glass, the wine unveils an intense ruby red color with violet reflections. The surprising nose reveals remarkably complex aromas that recall ripe red fruits and a delicate spicy note, accompanied by hints of cocoa.

The mouth is supported by a pleasing combination of freshness, acidity and tannic structure. Initially broad and enveloping, the drink then delivers a savory and persistent finish.

An everyday exceptional wine, perfect for social occasions, for an indulging and intimate sip but also for an everyday drink. An ideal aperitif served with cured meat and cheese, but also perfect for the entire meal, enjoyed with meat or flavorful vegetable dishes.