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Ceci 1938: the future of wine is in the aluminum bottle

Cantine Ceci present an innovative project that merges the passion for quality winemaking with a concrete commitment towards increasingly sustainable production. The wording “For The Future Sustainability Project” identifies, in fact, the Ceci 1938 production proposed in the new aluminum bottles with mushroom cork caps. This is an important choice since packaging is a particularly relevant element in the wine processing cycle. The new container is a 0.75 liter aluminum bottle equipped with a neck designed to accommodate the classic cork stopper, the metal cage and the capsule. A real bottle for sparkling wine, an authentic design object that allows you to express the character that has always distinguished the Emilian winery. For “For The Future Sustainability Project” Cantine Ceci have chosen two local wines: the iconic Nerodilambrusco, Ceci 1938 manifesto label, and the new Bolledichardonnay.

“We firmly believe that the growth of our company must also be guided by a vision of responsibility, which takes into consideration the protection of the planet”, comments Maria Paola Ceci, president of Cantine Ceci. “With this in mind, we have decided to start adopting more sustainable business practices, aimed at reducing environmental impact over time. With this perspective, we look forward with confidence, recognizing that every commitment in this direction can play an important role for generations to come.”

Otello Ceci 1938 Nerodilambrusco and Bolledichardonnay: a new sustainable look

The new bottles signed Ceci 1938 have been dressed with labels inspired by traditional production to underline continuity and enhance the recognized quality of the products.

Aluminum labels of the typical Otello Ceci format are applied to the matt black aluminum bottles. They are square labels divided into two horizontal sections in which the name of the wine appears (in the upper part) and the Ceci 1938 logo (in the lower part).

Otello Ceci 1938 Nerodilambrusco and Bolledichardonnay: a new sustainable look. The future of wine is in the aluminum bottle

The two wines are identified by different colours, the black of the background is associated with a warm golden tone for the Nerodilambrusco, and a metallic platinum color for the Bolledichardonnay, colors taken from the respective capsules.

The collection is strongly characterized by a second label “For The Future Sustainability Project” placed above the main one and identified by a shade that goes from white to intense fluorescent green, to express a path towards greater sustainability.

The same fluorescent green is the protagonist of the “message” that the bottle wears around the neck, a scroll designed to attract the consumer’s attention with a small provocation “So What?” a writing in which the letter A is replaced by the recycling symbol accompanied by the aluminum acronym completed by the pay off Think Green.

This is the space that Cantine Ceci dedicates to describing the main characteristics of the project through a short text and a QR code that links to the winery website for further information.

Otello Ceci 1938 Nerodilambrusco and Bolledichardonnay: a new sustainable look. The future of wine is in the aluminum bottle

The introduction of the new bottle represents a great revolution for the wine sector, it is a project that places at the center not only the use of aluminium, with important sustainability characteristics, but above all the approach to the conception of the bottle of this same material designed to respect the characteristics of traditional containers and the habits of use of the product by the end consumer.

Lambrusco par excellence and iconic product of Cantine Ceci with a multifaceted personality, Otello Ceci 1938 Nerodilambrusco is characterized by a rich palette of shades, from the intense ruby ​​red of the nectar, to the lighter purple of the foam that forms when poured and which lights up the glass of panache. A red, enveloping bubble, with a sparkling, social character and a soft flavor to be enjoyed cold.

Otello Ceci 1938 Nerodilambrusco and Bolledichardonnay: a new sustainable look. The future of wine is in the aluminum bottle

Lambrusco Ceci 1938 conquers with its aroma with fruity notes among which cherry and berries such as blackberry and strawberry stand out. The floral hints of violet accompany the pleasantly spicy and mineral finish.

An unprecedented product from the Torrile winery created specifically for the launch of “For The Future Sustainability Project”, Otello Ceci 1938 Bolledichardonnay is instead a sparkling wine that has a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections and a light elegant perlage.

The kindness of the white flowers and delicate sensations of fruit that recall the green apple emerge on the nose. With excellent persistence, its taste is elegant and gentle.