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Cellar62 Introduces an Innovative B2B Platform to Connect Global Wineries with U.S. Retailers

Cellar62 proudly announces the launch of its state-of-the-art B2B platform, This platform stands to streamline the supply chain process by directly connecting wineries from Europe and around the globe with US retailers, bypassing traditional barriers, enhancing direct engagement, and allowing retailers to work with distributors of their choice.

Cellar62 distinguishes itself by allowing wineries to showcase their complete portfolio, providing U.S. retailers with unparalleled access to a diverse range of products, including private label. For an introductory annual membership fee for wineries of €2,550 per wine brand, wineries can tap into a wealth of resources, such as US-based phone numbers and QR code-driven promotional mobile pages for enhanced consumer engagement.

Cellar62 Introduces an Innovative B2B Platform to Connect Global Wineries with US Retailers In partnership with Quality Brand Imports

In partnership with Quality Brand Imports,, based in Austin, Texas, Cellar62 simplifies the entry into the U.S. market with a flat per-bottle import fee structure. According to Thomas Simon, Founder and President of QBI, “this transparent and economical approach is designed to reverse the traditional supply chain demand flow, benefiting retailers with higher margins, and allowing for more competitive retail prices U.S. consumers consider a good value – leading to repeat purchases by consumers.”

Tiago Tomás, Managing Partner at Cellar62, describes the platform as “an innovative wine fair that’s open year-round, offering enhanced benefits. It allows any supply chain member to engage with logistics providers. This empowers the entire supply chain to manage their operations flexibly, enhancing efficiency and transparency.”

Cellar62 allows wineries to offer their entire portfolio to US retailers instead of importers acting as a gatekeeper to select wines for the US market. It allows for maximum flexibility and options for US retailers.

About Cellar62 

At the heart of Cellar62’s mission is a commitment to transform the global wine supply chain. By fostering direct relationships and offering a transparent platform, Cellar62 places the power into the hands of wineries and retailers. According to Tiago Tomás, “Cellar62 is not just a platform; it’s a movement towards a more connected and efficient world of wine commerce.”

Cellar62 and QBI welcome European media to learn more about Cellar62 and QBI. For a comprehensive presentation about our innovative import and sales system for European wines in the U.S. market.