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Chianti Classico Collection 2024: 100 years of success of the first Italian Consortium

The 31st edition of the Chianti Classico Collection 2024, hosted at the historic Leopolda station in Florence, represents not only the annual appointment to learn about and discover the new vintages of the Denomination, but this year also represented a significant moment to celebrate the centenary of foundation of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium. In fact, present at the Leopolda to welcome visitors was the “Chianti Classico Century” exhibition which offered a real journey through the history of the first Consortium in Italy, narrated by the voices of its 14 presidents who guided the institution in over the course of 100 years. Added to these are the testimonies of some producers, presented via reels both on social media and within the event. And then there was the moment of tasting. The Chianti Classico Collection 2024 marked a new milestone with the record participation of producers: 211 Gallo Nero companies brought their latest vintages of Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva and Chianti Classico Gran Selezione to Florence, with the latter celebrates its first 10 years, for a total of 773 labels.

Chianti Classico Collection 2024: numbers and markets of a great Denomination

The analysis of the data relating to Chianti Classico returns the picture of a denomination in substantial and stable balance. The sales of Gallo Nero wines in recent years (2020-2023) were in fact 4% higher than the production of the same period.

As regards 2023, faced with a contraction in the bottled product (-11%), the general growth in prices and the phenomenon of over-stocking in some of the key markets of the Gallo Nero, has caused the year to close with some results of importance: in particular, the excellent exploit of the Italian market and the further growth in value and notoriety of the Gran Selezione.

The value attributed to the wines of the Denomination is growing: the average price of Chianti Classico (average of the three types) increases by 7% compared to 2022 and by 13% compared to 2021. As regards the bottled product, the strong presence is confirmed – in volumes sold and in value – of the “premium” types of Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva and Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. In 2023, the two types jointly represented approximately 42% of production and 54% of turnover.

Chianti Classico Collection 2024: 100 years of success of the first Italian Consortium: numbers and markets of the Gallo Nero.

Looking at the Chianti Classico markets, the Italian one is the second and is the one that has grown the most, absorbing 22% of the product sold. And in Italy there is also a strong increase in turnover linked to the Gran Selezione type (+14% compared to 2021).

The USA, which in 2022 had recorded a real boom in Gallo Nero sales, once again confirms itself in first place: 35% of Chianti Classico bottles find space overseas. Canada follows, stable in third place (10%), a market that has provided great satisfaction in recent years. The United Kingdom also performed well, coming in fourth place (7%).

From the survey on the sales of Gallo Nero carried out by the Consortium, Chianti Classico boasts a truly particular commercial penetration; in fact, while the concentration of sales in its historic markets remains marked (two thirds of production is sold in the first three markets), Gallo Nero wines also reach unusual destinations, outside the normal trade routes and on all continents: they are in fact distributed in over 160 countries around the world.

“We are very satisfied with the success of Chianti Classico on international markets – declares Giovanni Manetti, president of the Consortium – and, in this particular year, with the success of the Italian market and the stability of all the other historical markets for Gallo wines Black. For some years the Consortium has in fact been investing in the strengthening of its historical markets, also with some innovative activities that will allow us to have an increasingly constant and widespread presence in the various reference countries”.

Chianti Classico Collection 2024: 100 years of success of the first Italian Consortium: numbers and markets of the Gallo Nero.

“This year the leitmotif of every marketing and communication activity will be the Centenary of our Consortium, the oldest in Italy,” continues Manetti. “In 1924 there were 33 winemakers, visionaries, we can say this today 100 years later, who had a common project and decided to create the Consortium. A century later, the members of the Consortium have become 500, but the objectives that unite us are the same as then. Protecting the wine that comes from a highly suitable territory of rare beauty and accompanying winemakers in tackling markets around the world under the common banner of the Gallo Nero”.

The Masterclass: 10 years of Grand Selection

During the inaugural day of the Chianti Classico Collection 2024, the “10 years of Gran Selezione” seminar was held, a fascinating journey through space and time of the first ten years of this prestigious category. Curated by Antonio Boco and Paolo De Cristofaro, the seminar offered an in-depth look at the evolutionary path of the Gran Selezione, founded in 2014 with the participation of 33 producers.

A tasting journey of nine wines: Rocca delle Macie Sergio Zingarelli 2010; Castello di Albola Il Solatio 2010; Castello di Monsanto Vigneto Il Poggio 2014; I Fabbri Lamole 2015; Ricasoli Castello di Brolio 2016; Dievole Vigna di Sessina 2016; La Sala del Torriano Il Torriano 2019; Riecine Vigna Gittori 2019; Fontodi Terrazze di San Leolino 2020.

Sebastian Payne MW is the new ambassador of Chianti Classico

On the occasion of the Chianti Classico Collection 2024, the new honorary ambassador of the Gallo Nero was announced. An initiative launched in 2017 and which to date sees the investiture of 11 professionals from the world of wine who, through their work, contribute to the valorisation and to the growth of fame of the denomination in the world.

This year Sebastian Payne MW was chosen. Sebastian Payne obtained the prestigious title of Master of Wine in 1977, was subsequently appointed member of the commission of examiners of the Masters of Wine, Chairman of the same Commission and finally was Chairman of the Masters of Wine in the two-year period 1995/1996.