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Chianti Classico sponsor of the Florence Korea Film Fest 2024

The stars of Korean cinema Lee Byung-hun, from the cult series “Squid Game”, the star Song Kang-ho, well-known face and actor in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite”, the eccentric director Kim Jee-woon, one of the most purists of the new contemporary cinema, and also the composer Jung Jae-il, author of the soundtracks of the latest international successes, will be the guests of the visits organized in the most exclusive locations of the Chianti Classico on the occasion of their presence in Florence for the stellar program of the 22nd Florence Korea Film Fest from March 21st to 30th.

The Chianti Classico Wine Consortium is in fact the official sponsor of the 22nd edition of the film festival dedicated to South Korean cinema, the most important in Europe: a choice that seals the interest of the Gallo Nero producers for a country and a market with excellent prospects of growth.

The Chianti Classico Wine Consortium is the official sponsor of the 22nd edition of the Florence Korea Film Fest 2024.

After three years of great success on the South Korean market, Gallo Nero wines also recorded a good performance in 2023 in this country: in particular, we note an increase in sales of the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione type (+8% in value). 10 years after its first entry onto the market, the great interest in this very high quality type is confirmed. This is also thanks to the entry into force of the new production regulations for Chianti Classico wine (from 1 July 2023) which allows the use of Additional Geographical Units on the label (for the Gran Selezione type), linking the wine even more inextricably to its production territory.

“We are confident that the relationship with South Korea can further consolidate – states Giovanni Manetti, President of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium – particularly in a special year like 2024: the year of the Consortium’s Centenary. One hundred years ago, 33 winemakers decided to create the Consortium: their vision was to believe in unity of purpose, in the strength of the community. These 33 founding fathers were also far-sighted in thinking first of the need to make the quality of their product, of their wine, visible and recognisable, choosing an image, an emblem of the territory: the Black Rooster which has become the identifying symbol of the denomination. A century later, the members of the Consortium have become 500, but the objectives that unite us are the same as in 1924. To protect the wine that comes from a highly suitable territory of rare beauty and to accompany the winemakers in dealing with the markets of the whole world under the common banner of the Black Rooster. An animal and a symbol, that of the rooster, much loved and appreciated also in various oriental cultures, such as the Korean one. Being able to be present, with our wines, at the Florence Korea Film Fest is therefore a great honor for us and we hope that this liaison can grow and develop further over time.”