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Chinese New Year 2024: Masi releases a limited edition Amarone Classico “Costasera Lunar – New Year of the Dragon”

After 16 days of celebrations during the Lantern Festival China begins the Lunar Year of the Dragon on 24 February 2024. To mark this occasion, Masi is proud to present “Costasera Lunar – New Year of the Dragon”, a limited edition of Costasera Amarone Classico 2018, to honour one of the most typical and fascinating festivities in Chinese culture.

After the success of the bottle specially designed for the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, Masi is repeating the concept and its homage to the Orient, a tribute made even more significant by the fact that its wines have long been present on Asian markets. Masi has in fact been distributing its Amarone wines in the region for more than forty years.

“Asian markets have always played a fundamental role in our international growth and brand vision,” comments Alessandra Boscaini, Sales Director of Masi Agricola. “Chinese culture in particular, with its millenary history, boasts an incredible wealth of symbols and traditions from which we drew inspiration for the “Costasera Lunar” collection, promoted on WeChat and Little Red Book, the most popular e-commerce and social networking platforms in Asia, with significant influence on the area’s growing community of consumers.”

Chinese New Year 2024: with the Year of the Dragon limited edition the series of wines dedicated to the signs of the zodiac in the Chinese calendar is now a collectors’ item

“Costasera Lunar – New Year of the Dragon” displays a spirit of the festivity in its packaging and label, decorated with traditional red motifs and a majestic floating golden dragon, a reference to the iconic dance of Chinese New Year celebrations, which are increasingly popular in Asian communities around the world. The dragon is revered and considered the bearer of good fortune, symbolising not only strength and dignity but also fertility, wisdom and opulence, all of which can be seen in this limited edition package.

It’s a message of good luck for the year to come that also brings in the idea of complexity, which is a characteristic trait of the iconic Amarone della Valpolicella wine.

With this year’s edition, Masi launches a series of 12 collectors’ bottles with labels featuring signs of the zodiac in the Chinese lunar calendar. These are unique wines presented in their own individual boxes with designs drawn from the iconography of the zodiac and explanations of their meaning – a prestigious collection that is also suitable for long ageing.

“Costasera Lunar – New Year of the Dragon” is also available through for western consumers who share an interest in the subject.

Chinese New Year 2024: Masi releases a limited edition Amarone Classico "Costasera Lunar - New Year of the Dragon"