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Dom Pérignon Révélations 2024

On July 8th, the champagne Maison Dom Pérignon and its Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon gathered artists and creators, chefs and sommeliers from the Dom Pérignon Society from all over the world in Barcelona for the 4th edition of its Révélations event, an annual rendez-vous that invites guests to deep dive into the mystery of Dom Pérignon’s creative path. At the Révélations 2024, Dom Pérignon unveiled its two new vintages: Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015 and Vintage 2006 Plénitude 2, during a unique experience at Ricardo Bofill’s iconic La Fábrica. It was also the occasion for the storied Maison to inaugurate its very first exhibition that bears testimony to the Pré-Assemblages, the name given to the creative path of Dom Pérignon and its encounter with the singular character of the year.

Spanish artist Rossy de Palma, Spanish actor Ruben Cortada, English Chief Executive of Sarabande Foundation Trino Verkade, Italian actress, writer and director Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Italian actor and writer Vinicio Marchioni, American Principal Dancer at the Bavarian State Ballet Julian MacKay, American writer and editor Derek Blasberg, and Canadian artist and painter Chloe Wise were amongst the attendees.

Dom Pérignon Révélations 2024 Took Place At Ricardo Bofill’s Iconic La Fábrica

Guests were invited to delve into Dom Pérignon’s creative path during a unique experiential dinner born of a high-end creative dialogue between Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon and Michelin-starred chefs Albert Adrià and Niko Romito, exploring the aesthetic value of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015 and Vintage 2006 Plénitude 2: tactility. Each chef, starting from his own sensibility and creative direction, proposed a singular tactile encounter of his cuisine with each wine.

During the evening, French pianist Bertrand Chamayou interpreted three experimental and conceptual pieces written by American composer John Cage, where silent plays a key role. A silence used to appreciate the new Vintages in a deeper, more introspective way.

Pursuing their amical relationship, the Maison and chef Albert Adrià will unveil a tailored premium gastronomy experience inspired by these two new Dom Pérignon Vintages beginning next September 2024 at the restaurant Enigma.

champagne Dom Pérignon Révélations 2024 Took Place At Iconic La Fábrica: about Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015 and Vintage 2006 Plénitude 2.
Ph. Harold de Puymorin

Trace: Pré-Assemblages 2023 At Palau Martorell, An Unprecedented Exhibition

The creation of Dom Pérignon begins with an emotion Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon feels in the vineyards. This emotion is then enhanced by a creative intuition, which unfolds amidst the surrounding nature and with the help of the talented members of the Dom Pérignon staff. Progressively, this intuition morphs into an intention, called Pré-Assemblages, planting the seeds of the creation to come. Over the months, it leads to the assemblage (blending in French) of the wines.

In its desire to showcase its creative ethos and culture through the arts, Dom Pérignon invited its guests to discover in preview “TRACE”, an exhibition bearing the name of the creative intention of 2023 and that translates the creative steps Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon went through. A yearlong quest for an imperceptible trace, documented by a talent collective with a variety of artworks – drawings, photographs and texts. The exhibition will be open to the public from July 10 to 14, 2024 at Palau Martorell, Barcelona.

Dom Pérignon’s creative ambition is a perpetual quest for harmony as a source of emotion, a quest pursued with aesthetic and sensory values: precision, intensity, tactile sensation, minerality, complexity, completeness and a distinctive way of sustaining notes. Every creative process faces constraints. For Dom Pérignon, this means always a vintage wine. An unyielding commitment to bear witness to the harvest of a single year, whatever the challenges, even going as far as not declaring a vintage.

Dom Pérignon is always and assemblage (blending in French). The assemblage is the foundation of the style of the Maison. It is guided by timeless principles that have always taken precedence over winemaking techniques and their evolution.

Time is part of the Dom Pérignon equation. The time for active maturation on the lees in the darkness of the cellars, allowing each vintage to reveal itself.

About Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015 and Vintage 2006 Plénitude 2

Born from an exceptionally contrasted year, Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015 reveals an unwavering presence. Somewhat dark at first, it proves tactile throughout the tasting, with a unique sense of touch which is the essential trace of Dom Pérignon: the dense matter of Vintage 2015 anchors its natural authority, which progressively becomes horizontal, broad and rectilinear.

With Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006 Plénitude 2, the Maison reconnects with the year 2006. At each step of its evolution, this vintage confirms that time is essential in the equation of Dom Pérignon. Vintage 2006 has the distinctive ability to become refined over time, to become more precise, to reach a higher evolution. The mouthfeel is marked by more present saline tension. Bitterness has gained subtleness and delicacy, balancing the generosity with which 2006 was born and bringing it to a new emotion, both embracing and delicate.

About Dom Pérignon Society

Dom Pérignon Society is a worldwide community of 109 gastronomy chefs and sommeliers gathered around Vincent Chaperon, Chef de Cave. Initiated in Italy 20 years ago and based upon a principle of mutual elevation in relation to Dom Pérignon, it is an invitation to each year explore Vintages in-depth, driven by the sharing of emotional experiences.