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Enovation Brands Offers Wine Drinkers a New Experience with the Launch of VOGA Prosecco Still

VOGA Italia, known for its cylindrical bottles and award-winning wines, announces the launch of VOGA Prosecco DOC Still (SRP $14.99/750mL; ABV 10.5%), a still – rather than a sparkling – Prosecco. VOGA Prosecco Still, which joins its sparkling siblings VOGA Prosecco DOC and Prosecco DOC Rosé, is being rolled out nationwide in the US.

CEO of Enovation Brands, Giovanni Pecora, explains: “Prosecco can be crafted in three styles: Spumante, or fully sparkling; Frizzante, or semi-sparkling; and in the until now largely unknown Tranquillo, or still, style. VOGA Prosecco Still is more than a line extension: rather, we are introducing a wine category that has long been enjoyed in Italy to the US. In addition to positive consumer feedback, our distributor partners are excited that we are bringing them something new and different to sell. This is an opportunity to grow both our VOGA business and the wine category overall.”

VOGA Italia Prosecco Doc: Still or Sparkling?

Enovation Brands is investing in PR, social media, and influencer marketing to educate consumers about VOGA Prosecco Still. The tagline “You’ve tasted the bubbles, now taste the wine” invites consumers to experience a Prosecco in which the aromas and flavors of the Glera grape predominate. Social media will focus on the wine’s qualities most attractive to the new generation of drinkers, notably its lower calorie-count (95/5 oz.); lower ABV; fresh, easy-to-drink profile; and the winery’s sustainability initiatives.

On-premise, a “Still or Sparkling” initiative presents Prosecco in the same manner that water is sold. “Due to the huge popularity of Prosecco, we envision on-premise staff selling Prosecco as easily as they sell water, by asking customers: How do you Prosecco? Still or sparkling?”, says Alberto Pecora, President of Enovation Brands.

Enovation Brands Offers Wine Drinkers a New Experience with the Launch of VOGA Italia Prosecco Still which joins its sparkling siblings.

Still versions of popular Prosecco cocktails, such as the Still Sbagliato (a Negroni riff) and the Still Chill (a calmer spritz), will also be featured.

VOGA Prosecco DOC Still has green apple, pear, and citrus aromas with floral undertones; a smooth, creamy texture; and the signature zest and crisp character of Glera accompanied by hints of white blossom, green apple, pear, and peach. Ideally served at 45-50°F, this wine is refreshing on its own as well as with a wide variety of foods, as the crisp acidity cuts through rich foods. Try it with light appetizers, seafood, sushi, fish & chips, french fries, chicken dishes, charcuterie, spicy pork, and creamy or salty cheeses.

As most wine professionals know, Prosecco is a juggernaut category: in 2022, the Osservatorio Economico of Prosecco reported production of 638 million bottles and a turnover of 3.35 billion Euros (equivalent to approximately 3.65 billion US dollars).