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Ethica Wines brings Cantine San Marzano wines to the US

Ethica Wines announces the entry of Cantine San Marzano into its American portfolio. The wine company that rewrote the history of Primitivo di Manduria, revolutionizing the perception of Apulian wines in the world, has in fact chosen Ethica Wines as the exclusive importer of its wines in the US. It is an elective affinity that binds these two prestigious realities. “A perfect harmony that rests on solid shared foundations: respect for tradition on the one hand and the strong drive for innovation on the other,” underlines Francesco Ganz, CEO of Ethica Wines. Principles that have allowed San Marzano to establish itself not only as a reference name for Apulian oenology, but also a lifestyle icon capable of embodying the culture and spirit of its land thanks to a production with a unique personality, which goes beyond the individual terroir.

On this same basis, Ethica Wines, which operates as a national importer in the United States and as a strategic partner in Asia and Canada, has built a system capable of making the most of Italian wines, thanks to a flexible and tailor-made approach. In this way, Ethica Wines exports national excellence and the values ​​of the best Italian wineries in the most effective way, modulating its strategy from time to time based on careful work of market interpretation, cultural mediation, communication and logistics. “Our roots are deeply Italian and we enhance this heritage through global distribution, as well as the ability to innovate to effectively penetrate international markets,” concludes Ganz.

Founded in 1962 in the village of the same name in the center of the territory that today defines the Primitivo di Manduria DOC, Cantine San Marzano was born from the enthusiasm of 19 winemakers who chased the dream of making the wine of their land great, even before the denomination of origin was recognized.

A dream that began to take shape in 1982 with the appointment of Francesco Cavallo as president, leading the company for forty years and still marking its history today with his volcanic and visionary personality.

After important investments, in 1996 the winery took on the identity of a real brand capable of immediately attracting the attention of enthusiasts for its strong personality and authentic style. San Marzano production is characterized by wines with a Mediterranean soul, mainly based on Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes, capable of combining tradition with a fresh vision and an international approach, both in winemaking techniques and in communication, characteristics that have led to numerous awards.

Ethica Wines brings Cantine San Marzano wines to the US, announces the entry of the wine company of Primitivo into its American portfolio
Da sinistra Francesca Cavallo, Francesco Cavallo e Maria Cavallo

Ethica Wines announces the entry of Cantine San Marzano into its American portfolio

Cantine San Marzano presents a unique and varied proposal, capable of describing Puglia and Salento like no other, skilfully combining history and trends, past and future: fine bottles, already today the protagonists of the cellars of the most renowned restaurants in Italy and in the world, destined to conquer new goals thanks to the partnership with Ethica Wines.

Cantine San Marzano’s iconic label is Settynni, an intense red, 100% Primitivo di Manduria, which represented a real gauntlet thrown at the market, because it was born with the ambitious objective of conquering the international panorama. With its broad and complex bouquet, which releases fruity aromas of dried plum and cherry jam combined with hints of tobacco, to close in a long finish with notes of cocoa, coffee and vanilla, Settynni is a full-bodied, balanced, soft and rich, obtained from grapes coming from old vineyards at least sixty years old and trained as saplings, the traditional Apulian cultivation system. Produced for the first time in 2000, Settanni is considered the label that changed the perception of Apulian wines in the world.

A perfect expression of the innovative spirit that distinguishes the winery’s production, Edda (“she” in Salento dialect) is the feminine and sensual soul of San Marzano.

Born to break the stereotypes about Apulian wine, Edda is a Bianco Salento PGI generous in its elegance, fresh, delicate and mineral, which is fermented in French oak barriques, then aged on the yeasts for four months. With a straw yellow color with golden reflections, it is characterized by soft floral and peach notes, with delicate vanilla hints that pervade the nose.

Another must in San Marzano production is Tramari, the first rosé made from 100% Primitivo grapes. A wine that tastes of summer and Mediterranean, with notes of cherry and raspberry, and a fresh and elegant finish.

The proposal is completed by excellences that tell the story of the company, such as Anniversario 62, a Primitivo di Manduria Doc Riserva created to celebrate the year of foundation of Cantine San Marzano (1962). An intense, full-bodied, soft wine rich in fine tannins, it is left to age for eighteen months in French and American oak barrels so that the grapes, harvested in a slightly overripe state, can express all their power. Broad and complex on the nose, this ruby ​​red is characterized by fruity notes of plum and cherry jam, accompanied by hints of tobacco and a subtle spiciness.