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European Wine Ambassadors: the program for 2024

European Wine Ambassadors (EUWINA) continues to make strides in promoting exceptional European wines in the Asian markets. Led by three European organizations representing Spain, Italy, and Greece – the Interprofessional Wine Council D.O. La Mancha, Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti U.VI.VE., and the National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece -. EUWINA targets the markets of Mainland China, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. To achieve its objectives, EUWINA has implemented a series of educational initiatives and masterclasses targeting importers, and distributors, Horeca. professionals, sommeliers, and media professionals. The EUWINA education program in 2023 reached over 2,125 unique participants in our 39 masterclasses in Asia, tasting over 230 references of wines.

European Wine Ambassadors Campaign empowers European Wines in Asia with educational initiatives

European Wine Ambassadors organized eight programs of masterclasses in China as part of two roadshows, the summer and autumn editions. The summer roadshow took place in July, getting high audiences in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. Building on this success, the autumn roadshow was held in Hong Kong, Xian, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

The attendance was remarkable, with an average of 75 guests. Additionally, the live broadcasts of EUWINA’s Virtual Classroom garnered interest, with an average of 150 subscribers per masterclass. Over 600 participants attended the twenty-four in-person masterclasses, where over 140 wines from Spain, Greece, and Italy were presented by renowned wine educators.

European Wine Ambassadors (EUWINA) continues to make strides in promoting exceptional European wines in the Asian markets.

Expanding its reach beyond China, European Wine Ambassadors held masterclasses in Singapore, Seoul, and Taipei in July, establishing the campaign’s influence and promoting European wines in these markets. Seoul was also the host for two additional seminars, in October and November. Nearly 325 participants attended the fifteen masterclasses. Ninety wines representing wineries from Spain, Greece, and Italy were tasted during the program.

EUWINA organized a study trip to Spain and Greece for five journalists from countries and regions including South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, visiting the D.O. La Mancha wine region during the grape harvest season. The trip to Greece provided an extraordinary opportunity for them to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Greek wines, particularly those with Designation of Origin status.

European Wine Ambassadors program of promotional activities for 2024 will cover 24 masterclasses in Mainland China, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan. A study trip for wine traders from China will take place in September to Spain and Greece. The campaign will exhibit at the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair in November, hosting a masterclass for Italian wines.