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Family Behind Matthews Announces Creation of Avallé to Bring Together its Growing Wine Portfolio

After 20 years of operations the family behind Matthews, Tenor, Jaine, Blackboard, and Single Barrel announces the creation of Avallé (pronounced “Ah-va-lay”), to bring together its growing portfolio of wines under one collection. What began as a modest commitment by the Otis family to elevate Matthews — initially producing roughly 2,500 cases – has evolved to over 25 wines across 50,000 cases from 20 different vineyards in Washington State’s Columbia Valley AVA. Avallé provides a way to continue to focus, explore and innovate in a thoughtful and sustainable way. “Launching Avallé unifies us around our central mission – a commitment to the meticulous craftsmanship in every wine we make,” said Bryan Otis, Proprietor of Avallé. “Avallé gives our process a name to remember and a brand to trust.”

The family behind Matthews has created Avallé to bring together its growing wine portfolio

Over the past two decades, the Otis family has launched a number of brands focused on highlighting the dynamic terroir within the Columbia Valley AVA. Each of these wines are now part of the Avallé portfolio:

  • Matthews: The first winery in the portfolio focused on traditional Bordeaux varietals. The 2021 vintage wines were just released, made by a new winemaking team (Alex Stewart and Hal Iverson) recognized as one of the most acclaimed winemaking teams in Washington state.
  • Jaine: Launched in 2018 with a focus only on white, rosé and sparkling wines. Jaine wines tell the story of an individual AVA, or a single vineyard within the Columbia Valley. Made by Winemaker Ali Mayfield.
  • Blackboard: Wines with a purpose, donating money to organizations that empower students with access to education.
  • Tenor: Showcases 100% single varietal wines from the Columbia Valley. Also made by Winemakers Alex Stewart and Hal Iverson.
  • Single Barrel: Every single barrel matters. Wines within Single Barrel capture a sense of place as each tells a story from a single vineyard within the Columbia Valley AVA.
Family Behind Matthews, Tenor, Jaine, Blackboard, and Single Barrel Announces Creation of Avallé to Bring Together its Growing Wine Portfolio

From the beginning, the focus for the Otis family was clear: unlock the unique potential of the Columbia Valley AVA and the remarkable vineyards within it. With each new release, the consistency of that vision and the passion of the team shines through. 

“Our wines reflect our love for this dynamic region and our commitment to see it elevated alongside the other great wine regions of the world,” Otis continued. “At Avallé, we feel we are entering the golden age of the Columbia Valley AVA.”

Avallé will continue to develop and invest in new wines that highlight specific areas of the Columbia Valley and strive to create new ways for people to enjoy and experience the beauty of Washington state.

“We are determined for the world to experience Columbia Valley’s full potential,” Otis continued. “We want to be a source of excitement and genuine enthusiasm for everyone who chooses to explore and experience our region.”

Avallé Members will have access to all the wines within the portfolio and to exclusive events and experiences. 

The quintessential way to experience the Columbia Valley

Avallé is the quintessential way to experience the Columbia Valley in Washington state. Like a record label that empowers remarkable performers across musical genres, the Avallé portfolio is comprised of exceptional wines crafted by talented winemaking artists. Through the stewardship of our vineyards, creation of authentic wine expressions and providing immersive experiences, Avallé is committed to unlocking the potential in everything we release. The Avallé portfolio includes Matthews, Jaine, Tenor, Blackboard, and Single Barrel. Each brand is designed to highlight a different aspect of the Columbia Valley.