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Granit 960 is born, the new Kerner from Cantina Valle Isarco in Alto Adige refined in granite

Nasce Granit 960: Il nuovo Kerner della Valle Isarco affinato nel granito

In July, a new label destined to lead the way will debut on the market: Granit 960 from Cantina Valle Isarco. This 100% Kerner matures in a unique container in the world, a 960 liter tank made from a single block of granite from the Isarco Valley, weighing over 20 tons. This real sculpture, created exclusively for Cantina Valle Isarco, represents the essence of the terroir in which it was born.

“Granit 960 – explains Armin Gratl, general director of the winery – presents an innovative vision for viticulture and embodies the symbiosis between tradition and innovation, with the aim of highlighting the uniqueness of our production area. The exclusivity of this project is reflected in every aspect, from the idea to the implementation, up to the final product. It is not only an ode to the mineral diversity of our region, but also offers an unparalleled tasting experience.”

Granit 960 is born, the new Kerner from Cantina Valle Isarco in Alto Adige refined in granite, essence of the terroir in which it was born.

Granit 960, a Classic Method that enhances the qualities of the grape

Mineral, savory and long-lived, Granit 960 is the fruit of the 2020 harvest. This exclusive Kerner draws its distinctive minerality from the singular maturation in granite barrels, a method that enhances the intrinsic qualities of the grape. Aged for one year in granite, one year in steel and a minimum of 18 months in the bottle, the wine develops surprising complexity, while maintaining a lively freshness that promises remarkable longevity. On the nose, crystalline notes of citrus fruits and white flowers are immediately perceived, followed by a subtle aftertaste of Alpine herbs and a hint of salt. In the mouth, the structure is elegant and balanced, with a bright acidity that accompanies a long and persistent finish.

The aging container is unique, the wine that comes from it is unique, and the distribution strategy is also unique, focused on exclusivity and on a choice that goes against the trend. “The Kerner Granit 960 will only be available in carefully selected wine shops and through direct sales – says Gratl -. There is no provision for sale to the restaurant sector. The reason? To preserve its uniqueness and exclusive character, but also because this wine requires a detailed explanation before consumption, which cannot always be guaranteed in catering.”

A premium segment wine, of which only 500 bottles will be available for each vintage, all numbered. Approximately another 500 bottles will be set aside for future vertical collections, exceptional tastings and events.

The branding and design of Granit 960 also aim to communicate the history and uniqueness of this Kerner. The label and packaging are of the highest quality, they arouse curiosity, but above all they convey the link between the wine and its origin and production method. The bottle, closed with shellac personalized with granite sand and wrapped in granite-coloured tissue, is kept in a box which contains a drawer with a velvet bag containing a piece of the granite discarded during the manufacturing of the tank.

In the box set there is also a booklet with the description of the genesis and unique characteristics of Granit 960, and instructions for signing up to the Granit 960 Club, via a dedicated website. The club will allow members to participate throughout the year in special events dedicated exclusively to them.