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Graziana Grassini arrives in Sicily in Baglio di Pianetto

Baglio di Pianetto chooses Graziana Grassini to strengthen the vision of the winery’s new high-altitude wines. The announcement comes directly from Sicily through the mouth of Grégoire Desforges, third generation of the Marzotto family at the helm of the winery, and the managing director Dante Bonacina. Among the first female oenologists in Italy, consultant for iconic brands of Italian wine in the world, Graziana Grassini will support the winemaking team of Baglio di Pianetto.

Graziana Grassini makes her entrance in Baglio di Pianetto

A collaboration with one of the most prestigious names in Italian oenology: Graziana Grassini. The announcement comes from Baglio di Pianetto and brings one of the most influential consultants of Italian wine to Sicily.

The entry of Graziana Grassini – who, with sensitivity, determination and concreteness, has been able to shape exceptional wines that have made the history of Italian wine – is part of the project of winemaking excellence that Baglio di Pianetto has inaugurated under the new leadership of Grégoire Desforges , third generation of the family that owns the winery and grandson of the founder Paolo Marzotto.

Baglio di Pianetto chooses Graziana Grassini to strengthen the vision of the winery's new high-altitude wines. The announcement from Sicily.

The great qualitative challenge that Baglio di Pianetto and Graziana Grassini have decided to face together is that of reinterpreting the Sicilian winemaking tradition, concentrating in a region characterized by an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. and capable of expressing the authentic identity of the local vines – between Santa Cristina Gela and Piana degli Albanesi -, as well as its vocation.

“I immediately liked the Baglio di Pianetto project”, underlines Graziana Grassini. “Santa Cristina Gela, located 700 meters above sea level, is an area with great potential, especially now that climate change puts us to the test more and more every year”.

“This is an unusual altitude for Sicily, if we exclude Etna, and at this altitude the potential of the area and the vines can be expressed to the maximum. The oenological objective will be to enhance this heritage through the In Purezza and ViaFrancia lines”.

These are echoed by the words of Grégoire Desforges:

“The new plan to enhance the winery and its wines could only start from the heart of the territory in which Baglio di Pianetto was born, combined with my personal ambition to face the challenge of the market by offering a wine with a strong identity, able to tell a different Sicily, yet to be discovered”.