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Grillo Doc Sicilia: A Successfull Story

“Grillo DOC Sicilia, a successfull story” was the focus of the conference promoted by the Sicilia DOC Wine Consortium at the last Vinitaly edition. “With this conference, explains Antonio Rallo, President of the Sicilia DOC Wine Consortium, “we intend to outline the profile of a unique phenomenon in the oenological landscape of our country. The significant growth in Grillo sales, both in terms of volume and value, reaffirms the role of ambassador for the territory and Sicilia DOC wines in the world. Among the over 70 native varieties of the region, Grillo stands out as a symbol of the growing prestige of Sicilia DOC wines, both in Italy and abroad, representing a true emblem of Sicilian oenological quality on a global level. With this conference, we intend to examine in detail the factors that have defined the success of Grillo and analyze elements and factors that have contributed to this outcome.”

What emerges from the data are indeed important numbers, which speak volumes about this very current story of the rise of a grape variety that has earned the title of undisputed protagonist among Sicilian natives. According to Nielsen data, Grillo consumption has returned to pre-2019 levels, initially a sign of strong resilience in the market, followed by real peaks of growth: Grillo grew by +20% in volume, +19% in value, and +15% in packaged sales in 2023 compared to the previous year, values never reached in the past.

The Sicilia DOC Consortium focuses on the “Grillo phenomenon,” a true ambassador of Sicilian wine worldwide and a rising bestseller in international markets

The success of Grillo in the domestic and international markets is the result of a series of targeted and multi-level strategies implemented by the Sicilia DOC Wine Consortium over these years. These strategies aimed not only to promote the grape variety but also the Sicilian territory, enhancing its unique identity through innovative and impactful promotional activities. However, Grillo’s performance is not limited to promotional events alone; even full-price sales show significant numbers, supporting the hypothesis that the quality and identity of the grape variety maintain a constant appeal. It is also worth noting that, in terms of territory, Sicily emerges today as one of the key regions in the landscape of Italian white DOC wines, showing untapped potential for Grillo.

Important and extremely significant numbers also come from analyzing the data collected in the German market: considering only GDO (large-scale retail trade) sales, Sicilia DOC manages to sell almost 3 million bottles of Grillo in this market segment in 2023.

The Sicilia DOC Consortium focuses on the Grillo phenomenon ambassador of Sicilian wine and rising bestseller in international markets.

Looking to the future, Grillo has the potential to further expand its presence, both nationally and internationally. The growth prospects are significant, particularly with the increase in distribution and the enrichment of the assortment in retail outlets. This development will not only consolidate Grillo’s role as a leader among white DOC wines but will also strengthen its position in foreign markets where it already shows promising signs.

High quality, strong identity, targeted marketing strategies, and effective promotional activities: these are the elements that are shaping the path and the story of Grillo DOC Sicilia, a story destined to maintain its status as an oenological phenomenon, reflecting the ability to transmit tradition while at the same time embodying the great modernity inherent in Sicilian wine.