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Harvest 2023 unveils in Sicily wines with a strong identity

While red wines have a strong identity, white wines have a complex aromatic profile, native grape varieties are more and more expression of the terroir, international grape varieties seem to have a new and interesting profile. These are the characteristics of the wines from the 2023 harvest in Sicily, one of the most complex, with a decrease in quantity estimated in some areas up to 40%. “Despite the extreme climatic conditions and the attack of downy mildew, the quality has not been compromised “, comments Mariangela Cambria, president of Assovini Sicilia.

Assovini Sicilia Harvest 2023 in Sicily: despite the extreme weather conditions and decrease in quantity, quality has not been compromised

Harvest 2023 in Sicily: despite the extreme weather conditions and the decrease in quantity up to 40%, the quality has not been compromised

The Sicilian harvest is the longest harvest in Italy lasting 100 days. It began in the western part of the island on early August, and it ended at the end of October in the vineyards of Etna.

“The results of the 2023 harvest vary from producer to producer. It’s difficult to generalize” – comments Mattia Filippi from Uva Sapiens.

“What we found out is that this year the Grillo grapes- a variety that usually performs excellent when decrease in quantity is involved- turns into wines with a broad aromatic spectrum and stronger tropical flavors” continues Filippi. “It is also interesting to notice how the Syrah grapes which usually show resistance to weather and climate conditions, turn into wines with an acid-sugar balance and an excellent maturation. 

Cerasuolo di Vittoria as well as wines from Etna and the North Eastern Sicily seem to unveil some interesting flavors”, concludes Mattia Filippi.

“In extreme situations like the weather in Sicily during last summer, the prevention approach carried out by many producers along with a careful and appropriate management of the difficult meteorological-climatic factors proved to be successful”, concludes the president of Assovini Sicilia, Mariangela Cambria.