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Hotaling & Co. Bolsters Cocktail Portfolio with the U.S. Launch of Silvio Carta Vermouth

San Francisco’s leading importer and distiller, Hotaling & Co., is bolstering its world-renowned cocktail portfolio by introducing historic Sardinia-based Silvio Carta to the U.S. Handcrafted by award-winning family-run winemakers, it will introduce five vermouth expressions that promise to captivate palates and redefine the American appreciation for this timeless Italian drink, whether mixed in a cocktail or sipped neat.

Founded in 1950 on the Italian island of Sardinia, Silvio Carta produces vermouth, focusing on traditional Vernaccia di Oristano wine production. Each vermouth is a testament to Sardinia’s rich winemaking heritage and one rebellious winemaker who began a legacy right after World War II. That legacy continues today with the 2nd and 3rd Generation Carta family, producing five expressions across two brands, Silvio Carta and Mazzini by Silvio Carta.

Hotaling & Co. Bolsters Cocktail Portfolio with the U.S. Launch of Silvio Carta Vermouth, Made by Award-Winning Sardinian Winemakers

The recipes use all Sardinian grape varietals and are infused with hand-picked native herbs and botanicals that are grown in the family garden adjacent to the winery. Mazzini by Silvio Carta offers three vermouth expressions made to mix into classic vermouth cocktails, while the eponymous Silvio Carta will introduce two exquisite vermouths meant to be enjoyed neat:

  • Silvio Carta Rosso Vermouth: Made from Vernaccia di Oristano DOC Riserva 2006 and infused with estate-grown helichrysum, myrtle leaves, thyme, and artemisia, it can be enjoyed on an elevated Manhattan or on the rocks. On the palate, it’s rich and nutty, with hints of honeyed apricot, ripe fruit, and herbs. $39.99 SRP, 18% ABV
  • Silvio Carta Servito Bianco Vermouth: Another vermouth that can be enjoyed on the rocks, it’s made from Vernaccia Valle del Tirso IGT and infused with rosemary, helichrysum, Desoleana sage, myrtle leaves, thyme, artemisia, and fennel all hand-picked in the Silvio Carta gardens. It offers tasting notes of soft vanilla with a refined, rich, and persistent note of orange peel. $39.99  SRP, 18% ABV
  • Mazzini by Silvio Carta Rosso Vermouth: Infused with Silvio Carta grown helichrysum, rosemary, myrtle leaves, thyme, and artemisia, Mazzini Rosso is best enjoyed on a Manhattan or a Negroni. It’s sweet and fruity with vegetable notes of mountain herbs, spices, anise, and cinnamon. $29.99 SRP, 16% ABV
  • Mazzini by Silvio Carta Dry Vermouth: Made to elevate the martini, Mazzini Dry is made from Vermentino and other Sardinian white wines, infused with rosemary, myrtle leaves, lentisk, and artemisia hand-picked from the estate. On the palate, one can taste soft vanilla, refined, rich, and long, persistent notes of orange peel. $29.99 SRP, 15% ABV
  • Mazzini by Silvio Carta Bianco Vermouth: Made from Vermentino and other Sardinian white wines, Mazzini Bianco is infused for up to three months with hand-picked botanicals from the estate, making it the perfect vermouth for bianco negronis. Dominated by vegetable notes of wild herbs together with a delicate balance between fruity white melon and spicy nutmeg. $29.99 SRP, 15% ABV

“We are thrilled to introduce Silvio Carta to the American market, the first vermouth imported by Hotaling & Co.,” said Dan Leese, Chief Executive Officer at Hotaling & Co. “Each bottle encapsulates decades of tradition, offering a taste of Sardinia’s vibrant culture that beautifully complements our portfolio of unique cocktail-centric offerings. The addition of Silvio Carta vermouth marks an exciting milestone in Hotaling & Co.’s commitment to delivering unmatched artisanal products for cocktail aficionados nationwide.”

In celebration of the island’s heritage, Silvio Carta produces its wines and vermouth with as little environmental impact as possible, incorporating ethical farming practices and 100% solar-powered production at its facility. Paying homage to Silvio Carta’s history and deep flavors, Hotaling & Co. has partnered with renowned bartender Nicolas Torres to develop four vermouth-forward signature cocktail serves for its US debut.

Silvio Carta will be available in May in select markets, including top bottle shops and bars across CA, NY, IL, TX, FL, and MA. Consumers will also be able to order online through the Hotaling & Co. website starting in June.

About Silvio Carta

A third-generation Sardinian wine and vermouth producer. Founded in the 1950s by the rebellious winemaker in Baratili San Pietro, the award-winning company focuses on traditional Vernaccia di Oristano wine production and was the first to produce vermouth on the island.

Today, Master Distiller and son Elio Carta expresses a timeless devotion to the craft, blending tradition with land stewardship to innovatively craft wines and spirits that honor Sardardinian heritage through ethical farming practices and 100% solar-powered production.

Marked by harvesting, measured by old chestnut barrels, and forged by distillation at low temperatures, Silvio Carta celebrates the wild wonder of the island’s landscape, and every bottle of wine and spirit is produced with 100% hand-foraged Sardinian herbs and botanicals directly from the family gardens.