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How the Masi Wine Bar Munich changes: here is the mixology and the Italian aperitif

A new look for what has already become an iconic location in Maximilianstraße, the luxury street of Munich. It is a new experiential frontier that is inaugurated by the Masi Wine Bar Munich, where mixology arrives thanks to a cocktail bar that will accompany the offer of wines from the Veronese company and a gastronomic offer that evolves with the addition of simpler dishes and shareable, in line with the culture of the Italian aperitif.

“There is no more suitable location than Maximilianstraße to outline a new experiential territory for Masi, namely mixology”, says Federico Girotto, CEO of Masi. “By developing new intimate and all-encompassing tasting itineraries, in an urban and engaging atmosphere, the Masi lover understands that this too is an ideal habitat for our brand, proving its extreme versatility”.

How the Masi Wine Bar Munich in Maximilianstraße changes: here is the mixology and the Italian aperitif at the cocktail bar.

How the Masi Wine Bar Munich changes: the cocktail bar arrives and the gastronomic offer evolves

Masi, leading producer of Amarone in Valpolicella Classica, renews its flagship store under the Masi Wine Bar Munich banner in Munich in the well-known “Campari Haus” address in Maximilianstraße, the exclusive luxury shopping street.

The intervention concerns in particular the setting up of the entrance area which becomes a cocktail bar, functional to the evolution of the format of the venue with an offer which, in addition to the focus on the wines of the Veronese company, adds that on mixology, with a ‘extensive menu of cocktails prepared by a team of expert mixologists.

To the great classics is added a wide and original offer of signatures where a Masi wine becomes the main ingredient, such as the house Negroni, the Milano Verona based on Campofiorin, Bitter Campari, China Liqueur and soda and the very original Rose- It! based on Rosa dei Masi, Mermaid Pink Gin and raspberry smoothie.

Naturally, the wine list of the Masi Wine Bar Munich remains unchanged, which ranges from over 50 labels from the Venetian cellar, including a unique collection of vintage Amarone, also available by the glass.

Alongside the inevitable classics such as Costasera Amarone risotto, the gastronomic offer evolves with the addition of simpler and more shareable dishes, in line with the culture of the Italian aperitif: therefore on the menu are the traditional Venetian cicchetti or the cured meats from Lessinia, to be sliced on the spot with the elegant Berkel which dominates next to the new bar counter.

How the Masi Wine Bar Munich in Maximilianstraße changes: here is the mixology and the Italian aperitif at the cocktail bar.

The fil rouge: wine, which also becomes an ingredient in dishes that follow the rhythm of the seasons and are based on a selection of quality raw materials. There is never a shortage of daily specials, business lunches and vegetarian and celiac-friendly dishes.

The Masi Wine Bar Munich, recently awarded by the Gambero Rosso Top Italian Restaurants Guide, dedicated to the most authentic Italian food and wine experiences abroad, thus presents itself with a more eclectic concept, combining the elegance of a traditional Italian wine bar and restaurant with a more international format and cocktail lounge lifestyle.

An original offer in the catering panorama, which further enriches the Masi Wine Experience, a project with which Masi has opened its historic headquarters and other exclusive hospitality venues to the public, offering visits and tasting activities, wine shops, catering, events and guesthouse.

With the arrival of the summer season, the Masi Wine Bar Munich welcomes guests, as well as in the dining room, in the intimate internal square and in the external terrace: the large window at the entrance is opened transforming the bar into a lively meeting point overlooking on Maximilianstraße.