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iDealwine forecasts a drop in Champagne hammer prices, great value to be found at auction

iDealwine, global leader in online wine auctions and no.1 wine auctioneer in France, is well known for its fine wine market analyses. Here, iDealwine has taken a deep dive into Champagne prices at auction in 2023. With prices falling, Champagne lovers can rest assured that great deals can be found in Champagne auctions this festive season. 

Global Demand for Champagne 

The global Champagne market has shrunk by 9.6% over a twelve-month period according to the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne, who has provided figures until end of October 2023).

After two record years boosted by the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, demand for Champagne has slowed.

The gloomy economic outlook (inflation, war in Ukraine and renewed Israeli-Palestinian conflict) has seen demand slip for the world’s most famous sparkling wine, which nonetheless remains higher than in 2019, the pre-Covid era. 

How is Champagne performing at auction? 

At auction on iDealwine, top Champagnes are selling well but we’re not seeing the same bidding wars that marked 2022. For 2023, iDealwine expects a “price correction” – hammer prices returning to a level comparable to those in 2020 and 2021, leaving the soaring prices of 2022 behind. 

Based on preliminary figures, iDealwine forecasts an overall increase in the volume of Champagne sales in 2023, but a decrease in the average bottle price from €259 (£223) to €230 (£198). 

Prestigious cuvées and vintage Champagne hammer prices are holding their own, but prices for more entry- level BSA (Brut Sans Année) Champagnes are on a downward trend. 

A handful of the most sought-after names in Champagne are unaffected – prices for Dom Pérignon, Krug, and Salon are stable, and prices from grower champagne Selosse have even risen slightly. Hammer prices for very old vintage Champagne and rare cuvées continue to set records.

Most expensive lots of Champagnes bought at auction in 2023 (provisional) 

  • €10,266 (£8,818) for a lot of seven bottles from Salon: one 2008 magnum, two 2007 bottles, two 2006 bottles, two 2004 bottles. 
  • €9,014 (£7,741) for six bottles of 1990 Salon Champagne. 
  • €4,632 (£3,977) for six-bottle collector’s case of Lieux Dits by Jacques Selosse. 

Most expensive bottles of Champagnes bought at auction in 2023 (provisional)

  • €4,132 (£3,548) for a bottle of 1979 Krug Clos du Mesnil 1979 (+7.5% compared with 2022 results) 
  • €4,006 (£3,442) for a bottle of 1976 Dom Pérignon 3eme Plénitude (P3) 
  • €3,507 (£3,013) for a bottle of 1990 bottle of Dom Pérignon 3ème Plénitude (P3) 
iDealwine forecasts a drop in Global Demand for Champagne hammer prices, great value to be found at auction.

Who is buying Champagne at auction? 

It will come as no surprise to read that the French buy the most Champagne at auction on iDealwine, with a 26% market share. Hong Kong is a strong second, followed by South Korea and the United States.

Italy represents 4.5% of the Champagne market at iDealwine, as does Germany, ahead of the United Kingdom at 2.5%. 

iDealwine also sells wines at fixed price, where the best-selling Champagne is the Cuvée Clarevallis from Drappier. 

About iDealwine: accelerating the digital wine revolution 

Founded in 2000, iDealwine is the global online leader in fine wine auctions and France’s no1 wine auctioneer for six consecutive years. With its headquarters in Paris, and offices in Bordeaux, Beaune, Singapore and Hong Kong, iDealwine is trusted by 650,000 wine lovers in 60+ countries for buying and selling wine. 

In addition to the rare wines for sale at auction, iDealwine also offers a vast selection available at fixed price. This selection is continuously growing, with wines sourced directly from a network of over 900 partner domains and a range of old vintages bought from private cellars. 

iDealwine has also established a reputation for excellence in wine market analysis, through its annual Barometer publication. The data, drawn from 200,000 auctioned bottles, allows iDealwine to identify trends almost as they happen. 

The Barometer is an exhaustive guide to the most sought-after wines, top bids, and fine wine trends, a must have for wine lovers, investors, and collectors.

iDealwine ships worldwide, including to the EU, UK, USA, and Australia.