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Italia del Vino: Roberta Corrà confirmed as president of the Consortium, Le Monde the new entry

Roberta Corrà’s adventure as president of Italia del Vino continues, with her reconfirmation in the role until 2027. Supporting her in the new mandate will be two new vice-presidents: Andrea Sartori and Enrico Drei Donà. With a total turnover of over 1.5 billion euros and a share of the sector’s exports of around 15%, the 25 companies that join the Consortium, which today sees the entry of Le Monde for Friuli-Venezia Giulia, have established the strategic and programmatic lines for the next three years with the route set in the direction of expansion in the name of continuity.

Roberta Corrà president of Italia del Vino until 2027

Roberta Corrà, with a degree in law and after significant experience in multinational companies, has been general director of Gruppo Italiano Vini since 2014, one of the most important wine-growing companies in our country, with 14 owned wineries in the most suitable territories in Italy. Since 2021 you have assumed the presidency of the Consorzio Italia del Vino, which you now confirm with a new mandate until 2027.

Launched in 2009, Italia del Vino, with its 15 thousand hectares of vineyards in 18 Italian regions and over 3,500 direct employees, operates in more than 20 international markets with a total investment of over 100 million euros. The Consortium intends to set itself multiple strategic objectives for the next three years, which can be summarized in three key words: “market, training and sustainability”.

Italia del Vino: Roberta Corrà confirmed as president of the The Consortium of 25 prestigious leaders in Italian wine, Le Monde the new entry.

“I am very honored to have received the trust of my colleagues again for the next three years, for the leadership of Italia del Vino”, the words of Roberta Corrà, “and it is with pleasure that I welcome the 25th associate, Le Monde , representing an important territory for Italian viticulture, Friuli-Venezia Giulia”.

“I accepted the challenge of continuing to represent this dynamic group of companies in a particularly delicate period for the Italian wine sector. I firmly believe that only through teamwork can we identify solutions and create new opportunities to overcome current challenges. In fact, precisely in these moments, it is crucial to join forces to transform change into an opportunity to achieve more ambitious goals. From now on, we will undertake to analyze the trends of international markets, we will jointly launch training projects for new human resources to be integrated into our companies and we will continue the path undertaken to constantly improve our standards of environmental, economic and social sustainability”.

Le Monde is the new entry for 2024 in the Consortium

The Le Monde company, today a regional excellence known throughout the world, was founded in 1970 and then taken over by the entrepreneur Alex Maccan in 2008. 120 hectares of vineyards located in Prata di Pordenone, between the Livenza and Meduna rivers which, thanks to protection of the Alps and the marine breath of the Adriatic, enjoy a unique pedoclimatic situation, for a refined quality production of the most iconic Friulian wines.

In addition to the program presented by Corrà, the Consortium will continue to work to promote synergy between member companies, a collaboration which has solid roots and which has proven effective in the context of the main international events. This continuous and consolidated commitment ensures a constant and successful presence on the global market, allowing Italia del Vino to maintain a leadership position and to make the most of the resources and skills of its associated companies.

The Consortium brings together 25 prestigious leaders in Italian wine:

Angelini Estates; Banfi; Bisol; Cà Maiol, Di Majo Norante; Diesel Farm; Drei Donà; Duca di Salaparuta; Ferrari F.lli Lunelli; Gruppo Italiano Vini; Gruppo Mezzacorona; Le Monde; Librandi Antonio e Nicodemo; Lunae Bosoni; Marchesi di Barolo; Medici Ermete & Figli; Mesa; Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo; Sartori di Verona; Tenimenti Leone; Terre de La Custodia; Terredora di Paolo; Torrevento; Zaccagnini; Zonin1821.