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Kylie Minogue Wines celebrates its 4th anniversary with the launch of a new Prosecco Doc signed Zonin1821

Kylie Minogue Wines celebra il 4° anniversario con il lancio del nuovo Prosecco doc

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of Kylie Minogue Wines and over 15 million bottles sold, Kylie Minogue launched, during a big party held in London, a new Prosecco Doc (in addition to the already well-known Prosecco Rosé) which will be available in the United Kingdom at Tesco, Morrisons and online. Kylie Minogue Wines’ Prosecco Doc stands out for its light and brilliant straw color, with a fine foam and delicate perlage. The bouquet is intensely fruity and aromatic, with notes of wisteria and rennet apple. Like the Prosecco Rosé, this Prosecco doc is also produced by Zonin1821, one of the most famous Italian family-run wine companies with over 200 years of history. The collaboration with Kylie Minogue began with the star’s visit to Gambellara, in the Veneto region, where she met the Zonin family and spent time in the cellar and vineyards. This bond led to the production of her Prosecco Doc.

A new Prosecco Doc signed Zonin1821 for Kylie Minogue Wines

“I’m happy to celebrate our fourth anniversary,” comments the Australian superstar. “Thank you to our incredible growers, winemakers, distributors and partners who are an integral part of the Kylie Minogue Wines success story. And of course, thanks to all those who have chosen to enjoy a sip, a glass or a bottle of our wine.”

“As a company and as a family, we are delighted to be able to celebrate this great milestone with Kylie”, echoes Francesco Zonin – Vice President of the Group. “It was a great pleasure to be able to welcome her to our historic headquarters in Gambellara, accompany her in discovering our family business and share with her the Made in Italy wine culture that we have cherished for over 200 years. Let us therefore toast with her and with all of you with a good glass of Prosecco: a wine that continues to express the essence of the Dolce Vita on an international level.”

Kylie Minogue Wines celebrates its 4th anniversary and over 15 million bottles sold with the launch of a new Prosecco Doc signed Zonin1821