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La Pettegola Limited Edition 2024: Emiliano Ponzi signs the collector’s bottle of Vermentino Banfi

Word of mouth, light gossip and the cordless telephone are at the center of the graphics that surround the bottle of La Pettegola Limited Edition 2024, designed by the award-winning artist Emiliano Ponzi. For the seventh consecutive year, Banfi continues its adventure in the world of design with the project for the Limited Edition 2024 of Vermentino La Pettegola and, for this edition, it has involved Emiliano Ponzi.

“The first subject receives the gossip and reports it to the second, in an infinite loop”, says Ponzi, and continues “I like to think that each person portrayed in my artwork becomes aware not so much of a gossip, but of a whispered intimate confidence in the ear, perhaps after a couple of glasses of Vermentino. And it is precisely the gossip, the real one, who chirps it first.”

Who is Emiliano Ponzi

Illustrator, visual artist and author, born in 1978, Ponzi was born in Reggio Emilia. Based in New York, he works in publishing, advertising and fashion.

Among his clients: Apple, The New York Times, New Yorker, Le Monde, Moma NY, Louis Vuitton, Martini, Pirelli, La Repubblica, Airbnb, Bulgari. He has won numerous awards in his career: gold and silver medals at the Society of Illustrators in New York, the Golden Cube at ADC New York, IDA design Award, MGIP Award.

He has written and illustrated four books: “The Journey of the Penguin,” “The Great New York Subway Map,” “American West” and “Chronicles from the Red Zone.” He has exhibited in numerous personal and collective exhibitions: “In the beginning was the end” at Marco Rossi Artecontemporanea Milan, Turin, Verona, Pietrasanta, “the Dreamer” Sun Ke Villa, Shanghai, Collezione Permanente della Farnesina (Rome), Open File Shanghai ( China), Triennale di Milano, 7 gallery (The New York Times, New York), Italian Consulate in New York, Museum de Arte Moderna da Bahia (Brazil).

La Pettegola Limited Edition 2024: Who is Emiliano Ponzi the visual artist that signs the collector's bottle of Vermentino Banfi.
Emiliano Ponzi (Ph. Piero Gemelli)

La Pettegola Limited Edition 2024 Banfi

Ponzi imagined La Pettegola as a voice, a confidence whispered from ear to ear, endlessly. Everything takes place under the curious and slightly mocking gaze of the real redshank, the little bird that gives its name to Vermentino di Banfi, which this year appears in three different positions within the illustration: three limited editions in one.

It is a conversation tinged with magenta, the details of which fade just like the words whispered between one subject and another.

La Pettegola, produced for the first time in 2012, starting from 2018 boasts a limited edition (only twenty thousand bottles for 2024) signed every year by internationally renowned artists and designers. The first, in 2018, was designed by Alessandro Baronciani, in 2019 it was the turn of Ale Giorgini, who was followed by Riccardo Guasco in 2020, Elena Salmistraro in 2021, Van Orton for the 2022 edition and Noma Bar for the 2023.

Thanks to Augmented Reality the label comes to life. To see the animated label, just download the Banfi Experience app (Apple Store – Play Store) and frame the bottle.

La Pettegola Limited Edition 2024: Who is Emiliano Ponzi the visual artist that signs the collector's bottle of Vermentino Banfi.