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Le Petit Depot turns 10: from fine wine to fresh produce and groceries, a celebration of affordable French food in Singapore

Whether you’re a bargain hunter or a French food enthusiast, find your way to the best online grocery platform in Singapore. Le Petit Depot celebrates its 10th anniversary in September 2023. 10 Years of commitment to affordable French food, fine wine and Western groceries to satisfy any craving in 24 hours.

From fine wine to fresh produce and groceries: Celebrates 10 years of affordable French food in Singapore

This September is a special month. Le Petit Depot treats all its visitors as special guests for its 10th anniversary. It is the best time to shop for the best deals and discover (or rediscover) your French food memories with affordable cheese and cold cuts, wine bottles, and many more festive offers from iconic brands such as Labeyrie, or Maison Thiriet (the #2 frozen food in France).

The journey began in 2013 when Yannick Guédon and Frédéric Douvillé, two French expats in Singapore, decided to fill the gap left by Carrefour on the market. At the time, affordable Made in France groceries were impossible to find.

Le Petit Depot turns 10: from fine wine to fresh produce and groceries, a celebration of affordable French food in Singapore.

The company primarily focused on selling dry products such as biscuits and cans which were easier to import to the Lion City. Quickly the success story began with a growing demand.

“The Petit Depot has grown”, says the founders. “It has grown faster than expected. When we created the company on April 6, 2013, it was only a question of filling a void following the departure of Carrefour. In 3 years, we switched to a complete alternative offer.” 

Over time, thousands of details have evolved in the organization, especially on the technical and logistical aspects.

About Le Petit Depot

Today the e-commerce platform refers to over 12,000 references from organic fresh produce to meat and seafood like French oysters from Saint Michel Bay or Fines de Claire, a collection of over 500 wine varieties starting at $21 a bottle and much more.

Le Petit Depot simply is the best platform to shop anything you like from France.

The company’s strength lies in its ability to supply the demand in Singapore with 100% cold chain preserved transportation and top-rated customer service. Any order placed every day before 18:30 can be delivered the next day in one of the 3 slots offered: from 9:00 to 22:00, Monday to Sunday 365/365.  

A Regular customer for 3 years commented that Petit Depot is incredible at all points. An impressive choice of French food and non-food items (such as personal care, and cleaning products), reasonable prices, next-day delivery with 2-hour delivery window, and cold chain management impeccable. Sincere and genuine communication when issues with items. Life in Singapore would clearly not be the same without Petit Depot.

The Best-selling products on the platform are Organic milk from La Laiterie des Ardennes, Carrefour grated cheese, rosé wine Côte de Provence from la Cuvée du Grimaud de Saint Tropez and beef patties from La Boucherie just to name a few. 

In 2023, the online platform took another challenge by importing Spanish products to Singapore. It all started with the inspiring demand from a loyal customer to bring her favourite Spanish food to town. Today, the two founders applied the same strategy and reached the heart of the Latin community with ¡Hola, España! shop.