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Masi at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference

Masi Agricola announces its participation as one of the premium brands at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore, an international trade show dedicated to Duty-Free and Travel Retail, taking place from Sunday, May 12 to Thursday, May 16 at the Marina Bay Sands, an iconic location situated in the heart of Singapore (Hall 2 – Stand F19 – Basement 2).

TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference: Masi at the Singapore International Trade Show Dedicated to Duty Free

Masi, among the first wine companies to enter the Duty-Free sector, will attend the fair with a focus on the restyling of its wines dedicated to this specific channel, Nectar Campofiorin and Nectar Costasera, special selections of the two iconic wines of Masi Campofiorin and Costasera, characterized by a higher presence of Corvina grapes, the nectar of Valpolicella.

Campofiorin, even in the Nectar version, with the 2020 vintage that will be presented at the fair, is renewed in both appearance and style. The label of the original Supervenetian has been expanded with the addition of a background that supports and enhances the oval with the historic cornucopia, where the red logo stands out with a slight golden outline. The wine is characterized by a stylistic evolution: a slight delay in harvesting and an increase in the percentage of dried grapes to obtain a product that is even more harmonious, round, and enveloping, with a more integrated and pleasant fruity component.

TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference: Masi at the Singapore International Trade Show Dedicated to Duty Free.

The TFWA World Exhibition will also be an opportunity to present a preview of the 2019 vintage of Nectar Costasera, which is characterized by the prevalence of Corvina grapes that give the wine richness of fruit, with pleasant hints of cherry, and great softness and pleasantness. This iconic product of Masi will also present itself with slight updates in packaging that renew its image while remaining true to itself.

TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference: Masi at the Singapore International Trade Show Dedicated to Duty Free.

For the Valpolicella winery, the focus is on the restyling of the wines dedicated to Travel Retail: Nectar Campofiorin and Nectar Costasera, along with the new Rosa dei Masi

The selected audience of TFWA will also be introduced to the new Rosa dei Masi, Masi’s interpretation of the rebirth of rosé. The result of years of study by the Masi Technical Group – a team of experts in various disciplines, from oenology to marketing, engaged in research and experimentation – Rosa dei Masi is renewed, in line with a rapidly evolving and rapidly growing global category. Thanks to a combination of winning factors such as the pleasantness and versatility of the wine, the refinement of the packaging, and exceptional testimonials, today rosé wine is positioned in the lifestyle sphere, becoming a true status symbol.

The new Rosa dei Masi, produced with Merlot grapes from vineyards in the high Valpolicella area, is characterized by a beautiful pale pink color with salmon and “onion skin” reflections and can be admired thanks to the transparent bottle and the small yet refined label: the characteristic oval of Masi’s historical labels is enriched by a profusion of rose petals drawn in ink with a light stroke, completing the message of lightness and delicacy.

The Masi stand will be adjacent to those of Cono Sur, González Byass, Symington, and Famille Perrin of Châteauneuf du Pape, associated members of the “Travel Retail Fine Wine Alliance” a collaboration established to synergistically promote good wine in the rapidly evolving world of Travel Retail.