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Mionetto, 2023 record: double-digit growth, turnover of 153.4 million euros

Mionetto’s race continues without encountering obstacles, with the historic winery of Valdobbiadene reaching a new record, in the face of extraordinary growth in 2023, also the result of an increasingly marked international success. The last 12 months are recorded with a record turnover of 153.4 million euros and a double-digit increase in revenues: +10% compared to the previous year. A performance that was accompanied by Mionetto by an increase in global sales, with a total of 42.7 million bottles.

“We are extremely proud of the goals achieved during 2023 which testify to the quality of our wine production and the international strength of a brand increasingly committed to confirming its role as global leader in the Prosecco category, also open to grasping and developing new trends in the complex world of bubbles”, underlines Paolo Bogoni, Chief Marketing Officer and Management Board Executive Mionetto S.p.A.

Those 2023 numbers achieved by Mionetto are numbers that demonstrate the great commitment to the affirmation of the brand in Italy (+5%) and on the export front, which marks a +11.45% and which represents 78% of the turnover. Excellent results across the border both in consolidated markets, such as the USA, Germany, UK and Poland, and in emerging countries, such as France, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Romania and Lithuania, thanks also to the internationality and commercial and distribution strength of the Group Henkell-Freixenet of which the Valdobbiadene company is part and which today includes 30 subsidiaries distributed in over 70 countries around the world.

The flagship of this performance is the Prestige Collection with its most iconic reference: the Prosecco Doc Treviso Brut.

Mionetto, 2023 record: double-digit growth, turnover of 153.4 million euros, an increase in global sales, total of 42.7 million bottles.

The confirmation as “Best-selling international Prosecco brand 2022” by Iwsr, the most authoritative research body in the alcoholic world, also consolidates Mionetto’s leadership position in the category. A role also supported by the prizes and recognitions achieved in the most prestigious international competitions – such as the Berliner Wine Trophy and the Mundus Vini – and by the inclusion in the list of the 100 best wines of Wine Spectator, with the highest score in history for Prosecco obtained from the Mionetto Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg Luxury Collection.

The historic Valdobbiadene winery now looks confidently to the near future and will participate in the 56th edition of Vinitaly 2024 in Verona, from 14 to 17 April, presenting, alongside the wines awarded by the most important international wine competitions in the sector, Mionetto Aperitivo and the new Mionetto 0% Alcohol-free aperitif, in line with the most recent trends in the beverage sector, increasingly closer to a heterogeneous consumer who seeks an experience capable of combining taste and lightness.