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Moët & Chandon and Roger Federer Present a Short Movie in Which Energy, Anticipation, and Play Define a Very Special Dinner Celebration

Moët & Chandon proudly presents a short movie sparkling with festive ambiance and joie de vivre, starring the Maison’s long-time brand ambassador Roger Federer. The video chronicles the adventures of the legendary athlete as he organizes an exquisite dinner à la Moët. Friends of the House are there to accompany him, each a personification of a field where Moët & Chandon has always played—and continues to play—a fundamental role: sports, fashion, cinema, gastronomy and oenology. In the production, iconic brand ambassador Roger Federer is gentleman host extraordinaire, offering behind-the-scenes entry into his party preparations—respecting the rituals of Moët & Chandon’s French Art-de-Vivre with athletic aplomb. Spontaneous moments of authentic togetherness abound, alongside friends such as Canadian fashion icon Coco Rocha, British actress and BAFTA winner Lashana Lynch, multi-Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno and Moët & Chandon’s Cellar Master Benoît Gouez.

A Checklist of French Rituals

As Roger Federer knows, timing is everything. In the countdown until guests arrive, a seamless choreography of small but significant gestures finishes in a flawless evening of delightful fun (and a little dancing) with the help of his friends: Canadian model and advocate for young fashion professionals Coco Rocha, British BAFTA-awarded actress Lashana Lynch, multi-Michelin-starred chef and Moët & Chandon’s ambassador Yannick Alléno and cellar master Benoît Gouez. They and other guests encircle their cordial host for a celebratory toast as the final ritual gesture of charm, in the way of true French art de vivre.

Moët & Chandon and Roger Federer Present a Short Movie in Which Energy, Anticipation, and Play Define a Very Special Dinner Celebration
Credit Jonas Unger

Rituals are central to hosting an elegant dinner à la française, a checklist that Roger must address one by one, as he slips into his tuxedo and springs into action, racing against the clock. As guests unwrap their beautifully handwritten invitations, preparations are underway at Roger’s French home.

In the kitchen, Michelin-starred chef and House ambassador Yannick Alléno, meticulously perfects a delectable culinary experience, while Moët & Chandon’s cellar master, Benoît Gouez, expertly suggests the perfect champagne pairing with the evening’s meal.

The table is almost flawlessly set as Coco Rocha flutters around, ensuring every detail is immaculate. Meanwhile Lashana Lynch busily wraps party favors and parting gifts.

In the nick of time, as the guests trickle in and gather around the table, every detail falls into place. Roger brings everyone together for a celebratory toast with Moët Impérial, the signature champagne of the House. Against all odds, Roger masterfully executes every ritual, so the evening unfolds as a resounding success with the elegant dinner paired with Moët Impérial.

Credit Jonas Unger

“I thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of a dapper host planning a convivial French dinner party with the invaluable assistance of my friends. This joint effort was like real life, and it turned out perfectly because of its authentic, shared moments,” says Roger Federer.

A TO-DO List For A Party À La Moët & Chandon

  1. Dress to express: “Let’s Party”—making even the trendiest friend jealous
  2. Ask an oenologist guest for the perfect wine to uplift the celebration
  3. Stock and chill a royal amount of Moët & Chandon a few hours before party time
  4. Prepare gifts for guests, to offer a little something when they leave
  5. Try (not) to be fashionably late when the first doorbell rings
  6. Make it appear effortless (even if it’s not!) 
  7. Always make sure the chef is free to play and make his magic
  8. Select glassware to let the effervescence of champagne sparkle
  9. Rely on a little help from actor friends to let the conversation flow
  10. And, at last, raise full glasses and #ToastWithMoet
Moët & Chandon and Roger Federer Present a Short Movie in Which Energy, Anticipation, and Play Define a Very Special Dinner Celebration
Credit Jonas Unger

Roger Federer, Ambassador and Host Extraordinaire

Roger Federer, one of the most celebrated sports legends of our time, sealed his bond with Moët & Chandon in 2012, when he joined forces with the House as a brand ambassador.  Since then, the House’s association with the tennis star has become an exciting adventure defined by shared values of style, glamour, and generosity. In two decades, their bond has grown stronger, through celebrated moments of success and triumph, into a uniquely synergetic and ongoing relationship.

Roger graciously agreed to lend his immense acting—and comedic—talents, as the starring role in the 45-second film production.

Unafraid of self-deprecation, Roger also channeled his elegant personal style and fancy footwork from the tennis court into the role of a sophisticated, smoking-clad host who, as the camera first captures him, is seen getting ready to welcome guests for a dazzling dinner at home.

Moët & Chandon and Roger Federer Present a Short Movie in Which Energy, Anticipation, and Play Define a Very Special Dinner Celebration
Credit Jacques Habbah

The set 

The interior of Roger’s French home has been filmed at Château de Saran, in Champagne, a celebrated Moët & Chandon residence steeped in history, which stands as the backdrop for a meticulously choreographed evening.

Acquired by the House in 1801, this magnificent Château underwent a masterful restoration, making its grand reemergence into the 21st century in 2019.

Today, it dominates the landscape, offering breathtaking views of the rolling hills of Chouilly and the Côte des Blancs. With its own rich heritage spanning two centuries, Château de Saran encapsulates the essence and legacy of Moët & Chandon.

Moët & Chandon and Roger Federer Present a Short Movie in Which Energy, Anticipation, and Play Define a Very Special Dinner Celebration
Credit Jonas Unger

About Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, whose 150th Anniversary was celebrated in 2019, is a signature champagne designed as a well-balanced bouquet to reflect the diversity of Champagne and its vineyards most generously. It is the blend that Cellar Master Benoît Gouez carefully recreates each year, from approximately 50% same-year wines and 50% reserve wines derived from the two preceding years, though those precise percentages vary depending on the characteristics of the grape juices at hand.

“For each assemblage, we use about 10 pre-assemblages of 10 to 15 base wines, which translates into about 100 to 150 different wines in the Moët & Chandon Impérial” says Gouez.

Respectful of the landscape of the region, Moët Impérial bears the imprint of the terroir of Champagne itself.

In the spirit of preserving that authenticity, Moët Impérial brings together in its assemblage, a generous third of Pinot Noir, another third of Meunier and a lesser third of Chardonnay.

Moët & Chandon and Roger Federer Present a Short Movie in Which Energy, Anticipation, and Play Define a Very Special Dinner Celebration
Credit Jacques Habbah

The composition of the Moët Impérial is not a recipe. It is an assemblage of the same three cépages that the Cellar Master adjusts continuously to respect an accurate Champenois balance.

Each year, Moët & Chandon will make a different assemblage for its flagship champagne. The percentages are tweaked to ensure consistency.

This comprehensive assemblage achieves the iconic house style that has been the preferred choice of Moët & Chandon lovers for some 150 years.

Moët Impérial is a champagne for all seasons and circumstances. It is a champagne that is delicious yet accessible. It is very complete yet thrives on its simplicity, in the sense that it does not seek complexity but rather ultimate harmony and versatility.

Every three months, new blends of this house style champagne are perfected in the same year to maintain its consistency and to ensure that there is never a detectable difference between the first and the last bottle of Moët Impérial bottled that year.

Moët & Chandon Impérial is a vibrant, generous and alluring wine. Its initial dimension is a fruitiness that emanates from its yellow, white and green aromas that combine touches of white fruits, citrus fruits and floral notes.

Moët Impérial evokes first the image of a fruit basket to which we bring a second dimension of elegant maturity expressed through ‘blonder’ notes that are slightly buttery, evoking fresh bread or the nuttiness of walnuts, which add complexity without overwhelming the Champagne’s fruitiness.

The dosage of Moët Impérial is limited to 7 grams per liter, so that the champagne maintains its light freshness in a measured balance between its acidity and fruitiness.

Following 24 months in the cellars for maturation after bottling, the assemblage of Moët Impérial acquires generous notes of toasty brioché that layer onto its fruitiness.

“For me the highest compliment on the Moët & Chandon Impérial is that it is delicious. It does not matter what makes it so, just pop the cork and enjoy!” – concludes Gouez