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Montelvini invests 100K euros in company welfare

Montelvini, the Venetian winery ambassador of Asolo Prosecco, based in the heart of the Asolo Montello DOCG, places social sustainability at the center of its strategy and invests 100K euros in corporate welfare. The sum, intended for the company’s 50 employees, is made up of 60% of the 2023 production bonuses, while the remainder concerns a new welfare account, active for the current year, for goods and services useful to workers, such as example of shopping vouchers for leisure. “Our goal is to make the wines an asset for the territory, with a sense of responsibility that goes beyond commercial objectives,” explained CEO Alberto Serena. “We believe in sustainable growth based on people’s well-being, improving work quality and creating a strong sense of belonging”.

Montelvini: the “Cellar in the cellar” project

Precisely as a demonstration of this important commitment, some first initiatives have already become reality, such as the team building day organized in the suggestive context of Villa Freya in Asolo and the launch of the “Cellar in the cellar” project, dedicated to the production departments to allow them to discover the other wineries in the area. Involving people and making them feel part of a team also allows you to obtain results in terms of performance.

Montelvini, in fact, closed 2023 turnover at 31 million euros, with an Ebitda exceeding 12%. The commitment to the foreign market remains constant, which represents 40% of the overall turnover thanks to an increase of 10%, which can be attributed to strong growth not only in traditional countries, such as the United States and Germany, but also in those Eastern Europe and Far East Asia.

Montelvini, the Venetian winery ambassador of Asolo Prosecco, based in the Asolo Montello DOCG, invests 100K euros in company welfare.
Left, Sarah, Alberto e Armando Serena

“In a period that is anything but easy for the market,” said Sarah Serena, partner and general manager of Montelvini, “we are focusing a lot on our collaborators. Teaming up today more than ever has become an important focus to increase cohesion within the company and improve customer service. For us, investing in our staff is part of the essential corporate initiatives, in line with the sustainability path that our company has been undertaking for some time now.”

Being sustainable means carrying forward tangible projects, also respecting the territory, pursuing the objective of approaching zero impact of the winery: by virtue of this focus, Montelvini – the only Asolo Prosecco DOCG winery and among the first in Italy having obtained the Equalitas Sustainability Certification -, for the two-year period 2023/2024 it has invested 5 million euros to transform the historic plant into a cutting-edge production structure.

The works include a new building, the installation of photovoltaics on the entire roof, the upgrading of the autoclave department, the implementation of the new palletiser and the construction of a new purifier.