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Nino Negri brings Nebbiolo to high altitudes with Vigna Fracia for Milano Cortina 2026

A unique tasting, awaiting a wine that aims for the next Winter Olympics in Milan Cortina 2026. At an altitude of 3000 metres, on Saturday 23 March, the Nino Negri winery was the protagonist of an experience in which music and nature found a a union in the name of one of the most shining and historic wine excellences of Valtellina. At the Heaven 3000 refuge in Bormio, the notes of the composer Alessandro Martire echoed, in perfect harmony with the sleep of the 1,300 magnums of Vigna Fracia Valtellina Superiore Docg Valgella 2016 which are refining in the high-altitude cellar for a release that is already announced ready to take that Nebbiolo which in these latitudes is called Chiavenasca to new heights.

A special edition of Vigna Fracia Valtellina Superiore Docg Valgella 2016 for the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics

It is a special edition of the Vigna Fracia Valtellina Superiore Docg Valgella 2016 which is resting at an altitude of 3000 meters at the Heaven 3000 refuge in Bormio.

The 1,300 magnums are signed by the Nino Negri winery, the historic face of Valtellina wine, which in view of the next Winter Olympics in Milan Cortina 2026 has thought of a project that aims really high. At a new level, more specifically, for that Nebbiolo which in this corner of Lombardy takes the name of Chiavenasca. Thanks to a refinement project to which one of the symbolic productions of the Valtellina reality is being subjected, that of Vigna Fracia, the first vineyard to be purchased, in 1897, and still today vinified and bottled separately, with its own name on the label.

A mountain vineyard facing an Alpine valley full of glaciers which determine unique climatic conditions. For a mountain wine, which now in this sense will take on an even different and more complete face.

“Valtellina is a unique habitat, our part of the mountains where we harvest the grapes and make wine is certainly warmer than that of the Heaven 3000 refuge in Bormio where our special aging cellar at high altitude is now located”, explained Danilo Drocco, director and oenologist of the Nino Negri winery. “But we liked the idea, living in a valley that has unique and extraordinary characteristics, to combine the viticultural part that develops at around 300 meters above sea level with the one where we organized a special tasting, at 3000 meters above sea level. We like to make mountain wines, exploiting every aspect of the mountain. The altitude causes a lack of oxygen: and what we are looking for is precisely this lack of availability which, even at the level of refinement, should help us to give shape to different wines”.

“Today this special release has been at an altitude of 3000 for two years and will remain there until the time of the Winter Olympics, when it will have 10 years of aging behind it, of which five at 300 meters and the same number in the cellar of the Heaven 3000 refuge in Bormio” .

Three shades of Nebbiolo according to Nino Negri: tasting the new vintage of Vigne di Montagna

A truly special wine, therefore, which we were able to see but not open. For the occasion, the new vintage of the three “new” Crus of the Valtellina company were the protagonists on the table at Heaven 3000. The nuances of the Nebbiolo that grows on the terraces between Inferno, Grumello and Valgella, a project that we told you about in preview on the occasion of its launch.

Vigne di Montagna was, in fact, a revolution that placed at the center the marked biodiversity that differentiates each terrace from the other, with different soils that also lead to different refinements and consequent expressions in the glass.

As demonstrated by the new releases tasted of the Vigna Ca’ Guicciardi Valtellina Superiore Docg Inferno 2020, the Vigna Sassorosso Valtellina Superiore Docg Grumello and the Vigna Fracia Valtellina Superiore Docg Valgella 2019 Nino Negri. In the glass, we found confirmation of the concentrated freshness of the first, the crunchy verticality of the second and the elegant and silky balsamicness of the third.

A perfect accompaniment not only to the dishes brought to the table, a praise that highlighted the best of the Valtellina raw materials, but also to the special performance of the young composer Alessandro Martire, who, with a view of the surrounding peaks, gave life to a performance entitled Ice Waves, which he was able to bring wine into contact with nature in an extreme but unique context.

A day dedicated to the mountain and its secrets, some of which have not yet been revealed, just as in the case of the bottles waiting to be opened and shared for a new fascinating story of the majestic pride of a Valtellina wine which with Nino Negri renews its ambition to aim for the top.