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Nizza Docg 2021 and Riserva 2020: the judgment on the vintages

Extremely high quality, great elegance and freshness, exceptional versatility: these are the watchwords of the Nizza Docg denomination for the vintages that will be released on the market in 2024. Last Thursday 29 February the Nizza Producers Association held its annual tasting event blindly of the productions from the 18 municipalities among the most suitable for the cultivation of Barbera grapes. Around 70 industry experts, including oenologists, producers and professionals, gathered to carefully evaluate 65 wines, giving a judgment in particular on the prestigious Nizza Docg 2021 and the renowned Nizza Riserva 2020.

What the new vintages of Nizza Docg 2021 and the Riserva 2020 will be like

What will the Nizza Docg productions that will appear on the market during 2024 look like? This was revealed by blind tastings and the traditional direct comparison between producers. This year, the focus was primarily on the Nizza Docg 2021, unanimously acclaimed as one of the most exceptional vintages ever produced in the appellation. Characterized by a rich and complex bouquet that reflects its terroirs of origin, this wine stands out for its remarkable structure and balanced acidity that gives freshness, all characterized by a more skilful and moderate use of wood, which harmonizes perfectly with the other features.

What the new vintages of Nizza Docg 2021 and the Riserva 2020 will be like: the judgment by Nizza Producers Association.

“A distinctive feature of this exceptional vintage – declares Stefano Chiarlo, president of the Nizza Producers Association – was the qualitative coherence of all the wines tasted, a factor that highlights the impeccable work and meticulous commitment of the producers in achieving excellent standards. Each wine, while reflecting the peculiar stylistic nuances of the respective producers, offered high quality and a superlative interpretation of the vintage.”

The Nizza Riserva 2020 also aroused great interest and appreciation, thanks to the precision of the fruit in the bouquet and the soft elegance that characterizes the taste of these wines.

“The comparison between the producers at the end of the day – concludes president Chiarlo – highlighted a clear trend towards a more moderate and integrated use of wood, an accentuation of the expressiveness of the fruit and an interpretation of the wine that emphasizes elegance and freshness, making our wines increasingly versatile and suitable for pairing with a variety of dishes.”