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ONEHOPE Wine Announces Bottles for Better

ONEHOPE, a Napa Valley winery founded with the mission to change the world by sharing wine and giving hope is pleased to announce the Bottles for Better program. The purpose-driven winery developed this program with the goal of funding a new school in partnership with Pencils for Promise by the end of the year, which will be the 6th school the organizations have partnered to create.

Every 10,000 bottles of ONEHOPE’s Famous Shimmer Sparkling Wine to Fund New School with Pencils of Promise

Through New Years Eve, ONEHOPE will donate an additional 10% of every Shimmer bottle purchased at 

This donation is in addition to the 10% donation already made to the customer’s cause of choice. 10,000 bottles of Shimmer = 1 school for children.

To date, ONEHOPE has funded 5 schools with Pencils of Promise, three of which have already been built in Laos and Guatemala, and two scheduled for construction in 2024.

“We at ONEHOPE are immensely proud to support Pencils of Promise in their vital mission to empower communities through education,” shared Kristen Shroyer, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer at ONEHOPE. “Our partnership, which has already led to the funding of five schools, is a clear reflection of our shared commitment to providing thousands of children with the opportunity for quality education. This collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a journey towards creating a brighter future for children across the globe.”

Bottles for Better: Every 10,000 bottles of ONEHOPE 's Famous Shimmer Sparkling Wine to Fund New School with Pencils of Promise

ONEHOPE is proud to not just give back during the holiday season, but 365 days a year. The brand’s platform enables customers to raise money for any nonprofit of their choice by donating 10% of purchases to causes that are important to them. To date, ONEHOPE has donated over $10 Million to 40,000+ nonprofits through this platform. Through wine fundraisers, the brand continues to democratize the Napa Valley wine tasting experience – and empowers people to gather together around wine to share and support the causes that matter most to them.

“We are deeply appreciative of ONEHOPE’s continued support and generous partnership. Their commitment has been instrumental in helping us achieve our mission of providing quality education worldwide. Having already funded five schools together, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of collective effort in transforming the lives of children around the world.” – Kailee Scales, Chief Executive Officer, Pencils of Promise.

ONEHOPE’s recognizable Shimmer Collection is one of the most glamorous ways to give back. The Sparkling Brut is available in gold and silver shimmer, and the Sparkling Rosé in pink shimmer. The Shimmer Collection is also available to purchase with etched holiday designs, and can even be personalized with your own message or logo. The sparkling wine inside includes notes of green apple, luscious pear, and tropical aromas. Pair with tropical fruit and cheese kebabs, scallops, halibut with cilantro aioli, and lemon tart.


ONEHOPE was founded in 2007 with the mission to change the world by bringing people together to share wine and giving hope to help nourish the future for generations to come.  ONEHOPE offers a platform to donate 10% of the proceeds to benefit nonprofits chosen by customers. Together with our inspiring 10,000+ Cause Entrepreneurs, ONEHOPE has proudly donated over $10M to nonprofits around the world, helping fund over 3 million meals to children in need, planting an entire forest in Indonesia, funding five schools in the developing world, and so much more. We are democratizing the Napa Valley experience with award-winning wines and empowering consumers to support the causes that matter most to them through wine.

About Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise (PoP) is a for-purpose organization founded in 2008 with the goal of increasing access to quality education for children in the global south. PoP works with communities across the globe to build schools and create programs that provide educational opportunities for children. PoP has created high quality learning environments that have impacted more than 890,000 students, parents, and community members throughout Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos, establishing itself as a leader amongst the innovative global nonprofits working toward sustainable social change.