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Ornellaia Bianco: the 2021 vintage arrives

The essence of the Ornellaia terroir, translated into a white wine. The 2021 vintage of Ornellaia’s alter ego makes its debut on the market, a 100% Sauvignon Blanc that becomes a story in the bottle in the luminous language of the sun and sea of Bolgheri. And this is precisely a Bolgheri Doc, a production born in 2013 from the property’s desire to express, even in white, the exceptional qualities of the soils and microclimate of the iconic Bolgheri reality. “This great white wine has a straw yellow color with golden reflections in the glass,” highlights the winemaker’s note on Ornellaia Bianco. “On the nose it expresses itself with hints of considerable complexity, among which apricot and acacia flowers emerge, accompanied by some notes of spices and toasted hazelnuts. In the mouth the wine is rich in flavors and aromas with a fresh, savory but at the same time full-bodied taste and with a very long aromatic persistence in the finish”.

Ornellaia Bianco 2021 vintage: the essence of the terroir, translated into a white wine

Ornellaia Bianco was born in 2013: since then, small vineyards have secretly guarded its balance until the harvest and then the wine challenges time, revealing an elegant complexity.

Ornellaia Bianco Bolgheri Doc 2021 is no exception. Arriving on the market in April, it brings with it a harvest with high quality potential in which the seasons, the soil and the vines have teamed up to bring perfect, small and concentrated berries to the harvest.

The seasonal trend in 2021 began by generously replenishing the soil’s water reserves and accompanying the vine in regular growth until spring. With the summer the climate of the Tuscan coast made itself felt with a series of hot and dry weeks. And it was thanks to the rains at the beginning of the year and the deep soils of the estate that the vines avoided excessively intense water stress and were able to bring the bunches to perfect maturation. The harvest of the white varieties began on August 18th.

“Ornellaia Bianco interpreted this harvest, which was a significant vintage in Bolgheri, with its profoundly Mediterranean character,” highlights Lamberto Frescobaldi. “Our work in the vineyard supported the vines to allow them to draw from the soil the richness and nuances that make Ornellaia Bianco the true alter ego of Ornellaia”.

Ornellaia Bianco, the essence of the Bolgheri terroir, translated into a white wine with a 100% Sauvignon Blanc: the 2021 vintage.