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Pasqua Wines Crowned Innovator of the Year at Wine Enthusiast’s 24th Annual Wine Star Awards

Pasqua Wines, leading winery and ambassador for Amarone della Valpolicella and Veneto wines around the world, has been honored with the global award of ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the 24th Annual Wine Star Awards, hosted by Wine Enthusiast on February 5th at Eden Roc Hotel in Miami. This marks the first time an Italian winery has ever been honored with the award.

The Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards, recognized as one of the most prestigious events in the wine community, are an annual appointment that celebrates excellence in the wine and spirits industry across various categories.

The coveted Innovator of the Year award recognizes the long journey of constant and consistent investments in research and innovation undergone by Pasqua Wines which allowed the winery to become a laboratory of research, as Wine Enthusiast has labeled them last year, and deliver a series of remarkable contributions to the evolution of the wine industry. In addition to producing high quality wines through continuous experimentation on vines and terroir, the winery’s distinctive and effective marketing and communication strategies have strategically positioned them in crucial markets, including the United States and Asia.

Pasqua Wines, ambassador for Amarone della Valpolicella, Crowned Innovator of the Year at Wine Enthusiast ’s 24th Annual Wine Star Awards.

Riccardo and Alessandro Pasqua, respectively CEO Pasqua Wines and President of Pasqua USA, accompanied by a distinguished group of esteemed guests from Italy and the US, attended the Gala Dinner where they received the Wine Star Award, enjoying a night of celebration and recognition.

“We are truly honored to be recognized as the Innovator of the Year by the Wine Enthusiast team. This award is a testament to our family’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of winemaking and crafting exceptional wines.” said Alessandro Pasqua, President of Pasqua USA.

The title comes as a milestone for the whole Italian wine industry, given the importance of innovation in American culture and the fact that such an esteemed American publication has decided to award “Innovator of the Year” to a winery from Italy, a country usually connected with tradition rather than innovation, and from such a conservative winemaking region such as Veneto. 

Riccardo Pasqua, CEO Pasqua Wines, added, “Being the first Italian winery to receive this prestigious award is a source of immense pride and a testament to the passion and innovation that has defined our family for generations. We want to thank the Wine Enthusiast team for allowing us to add a significant milestone in our centenary history”. 

Innovator of the Year: the Path of Pasqua Wines

The Pasqua family, with a rich winemaking heritage dating back to 1925, has consistently demonstrated a forward-thinking approach, embracing innovation while maintaining a deep respect for tradition.

In 2014 the family managed to revolutionize the business by creating an estate representing their grape growing and winemaking legacy as well as the lifestyle, art, and culture that has always inspired their work, blending their identity with the history of their hometown of Verona.

2016 witnessed the launch of Mai Dire Mai, an iconic line conveying the excellence of the Valpolicella wine region through a careful selection of vineyards. 2017 saw the release of 11 Minutes rosé, a fairly unique blend of two native varieties, namely Corvina and Trebbiano di Lugana, and two international grapes, Syrah and Carmenere. 11 Minutes beautifully conveys the identity of the four grapes and the Lake Garda terroir and witnesses the commitment of Pasqua Wines towards the rosé sector. 

In 2019 Pasqua released another groundbreaking product on the market: a multi-vintage white wine named Hey French You Could Have Made This but You Didn’t. This wine, one of Pasqua Wines’ bravest and boldest creations, is made from four different vintages and aims at embodying the terroir identity and the winery’s style which emerges beyond the single vintage. Made mainly from Garganega, along with minor percentages of Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc coming from the family’s single property on Monte Calvarina, one of Soave’s best volcanic spots, provides a long aging potential. 

Finally, Y by 11 Minutes was released in 2020, a fine-tuned blend of Corvina, Trebbiano di Lugana, and Carmenere partially aged in oak aimed at proving once again that rosé is a style of its own, with dedicated vineyards and grapes carefully handled in the cellar to offer consumers a great drinking experience. The newest vintage of Y by 11 Minutes has gone a step further and is certified organic.

Pasqua Wines, ambassador for Amarone della Valpolicella, Crowned Innovator of the Year at Wine Enthusiast ’s 24th Annual Wine Star Awards.

The new addition of Fear No Dark to the iconic Mai Dire Mai line further witnesses Pasqua Wines’ commitment to innovation beyond the traditional and the known. Positioned in the ultra-premium segment, Fear No Dark is a high-end blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Oseleta coming from a single parcel of 5.1 hectares located in the most secluded part of the Montevegro vineyard, facing north-east. Having no fear of the dark also means being brave enough to believe in a vineyard located in one of the shadiest, coldest, and inaccessible areas of the extraordinary Mai Dire Mai vineyard, which the family has cultivated since 2010.

The winery looks forward to continuing its legacy of innovation, introducing new and exciting elements to the world of wine, always in the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of winemaking.