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Pinot Grigio Doc delle Venezie: +2% bottled in 2023

Doc delle Venezie goes against the trend in the static performance of a wine world that has paid for inflation and price increases in the last year. At the end of 12 months characterized by difficulties for the national wine sector, which saw generalized drops in volumes and turnover, the interregional Denomination of Origin – the second largest in Italy and cornerstone of the Pinot Grigio System of the North East which brings together the operators of the production chain of Pinot Grigio from Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Autonomous Province of Trento – sends 2023 to a close in the name of positivity. An encouraging balance in an evidently complicated year, with almost 5 million more bottles on the market compared to the previous year, for a total of 1,661,384 hectoliters bottled in the calendar year (source Triveneta Certifications). Here are all the numbers and trends, between Italy and exports, of the bottled Doc delle Venezie.

Bottled growth also in 2023 for the Pinot Grigio Doc delle Venezie

From an analysis of the annual trends of the Doc delle Venezie detected since 2018, the first year of complete activity of the Denomination of Origin, the trend is confirmed which sees the 1.6 million hectoliters bottled punctually exceeded, capable of withstanding complex situations market caused by the pandemic and the international geopolitical situation. The world reference point of Pinot Grigio thus firmly confirms itself as the second Italian Denomination of Origin in terms of volumes.

In the general picture, there is also a lower availability of wine obtained in previous years – equal to -7% compared to the survey on 1 January 2023, which is worth just over a month of bottling – a trend that goes hand in hand with the start of bottling for the new production season, evidenced by the use, at the end of December 2023, of 83,588 hectoliters of wine obtained from the current campaign.

The 2024 objectives of the second largest Italian Denomination of Origin in terms of volumes

In addition to highlighting important results that reflect the excellent work carried out by the Board of Directors of the Consortium in management choices, 2024 opens a new chapter for the Delle Venezie DOC, starting with the recent appointment of the new director of the Consortium Stefano Sequino, which has already made known the main objectives of the coming months: promoting collegiality and strengthening supply management policies for Pinot grigio Delle Venezie, insisting on the international valorisation of the DOC and, no less importantly, building loyalty in the domestic market.

With over 27 thousand hectares of potentially claimable vineyards, the DOC Delle Venezie today represents a guarantee of stability in the North-East, being called upon to manage, in addition to its own potential, also the quantities reclassified by the other territorial Denomination of Origin.

“We guarantee an important system balance of the Denominations of Origin of the Triveneto for the production of Pinot Grigio”, explains the president of the Consortium Albino Armani. “We represent a valid support in terms of international positioning and quality, also thanks to the guarantee of traceability certified by Triveneta Certifications and the state mark on all bottles on the market”.

Pinot Grigio Doc delle Venezie: +2% bottled in 2023 for the second largest Italian Denomination of Origin in terms of volumes

For this reason, director Stefano Sequino concludes, “it will be important to strengthen the supply governance measures useful for supporting the supply chain and monitoring volumes as well as promotional activities, also on the internal market, with the aim of supporting visibility, territorial identity and maximum recognition from consumers. The objective, on the promotion front, is to consolidate mature markets, such as the United States, UK, Germany and Canada, but also to reach and encourage emerging markets”.

The Consortium is in fact ready to restart with promotional and information activities aimed at strengthening its presence in the markets and increasingly increasing the identity value of the denomination in terms of quality, culture and territory. In addition to participating in the main sector fairs, starting with Wine Paris & Vinexpo, ProWein and Vinitaly, Doc Delle Venezie has also put the spotlight on South-East Asia, with the aim of developing new networks with the specialized audience of buyers , press and industry professionals.

Furthermore, the Consortium is today witnessing a growth path in the qualitative perception of the Delle Venezie Denomination of Origin and an ever-increasing loyalty of foreign commercial partners, who continue to choose and support its uniqueness.