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Prosecco Doc: production over 616 million bottles

For 2023, Prosecco Doc is confirmed as the first in its class among the Italian wine denominations by volume, with a bottled production of over 616 million bottles. This is the balance of the last 12 months for the best-selling sparkling wine in the world, which however over the last year has recorded a 3.5% drop in bottlings compared to the previous 2022. Market dynamics are driving the downward trend, but especially one type, that of Prosecco Rosé, which does not break through. Bottling, in fact, would mark “only” a -2% not considering the pink version, which suffered a more significant decline in 2023, while continuing to represent over 8% of the entire Denomination.

President Stefano Zanette comments on the year 2023 of Prosecco Doc

Analyzing the numbers and trends of the last year of Prosecco Doc is the president of the Protection Consortium, Stefano Zanette, who underlines with respect to the dynamics that have characterized the last 12 months:

“The data is substantially in line with the forecasts made by the Consortium in view of the ordinary shareholders’ meeting which, before the summer, approved the governance of the Name proposed by the Board of Directors”.

Prosecco Doc production over 616 million bottles. Stefano Zanette comments on the year 2023 of the first Italian wine denominations by volume

“When analyzing the data we cannot fail to take into account a rather complicated international context and an economic situation heavily conditioned by inflation which, although decreasing, weighs heavily on family budgets, both in Italy and in many of our markets most important”.

“In the coming weeks our attention will focus – concludes Zanette – on some important changes to the production regulations which will concern a greater segmentation of production, both in qualitative and geographical terms, but also packaging and labelling. This is in order to better meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers, in the belief that Prosecco will be able to represent, also in the future, one of the most appreciated Italian wine excellences in the world”.