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Prosit Group presents the della Gherardesca collection: the new noble face of Tuscan wine

Prosit Group aims high. The reality of the Italian wine sector, founded in 2018 to face, thanks to an innovative business model, the challenges of Italian wine in an increasingly competitive global market, announces a new “noble” partnership. In fact, last May 15th, during an event in the splendid setting of the Castagneto Carducci Castle, in the province of Livorno, the della Gherardesca collection was presented. A new prestigious brand with which Prosit Group aims to also cover the high range. A great innovation that takes shape from the joint vision of the wine group and the noble family of Castagneto Carducci, in the person of Count Gaddo della Gherardesca, custodian of a history that has shaped the landscape and culture of Bolgheri. For a collection that is made up of labels capable of describing Tuscany from different perspectives and territories, with names that recall family members: “Gaddo della Gherardesca”, a Bolgheri Rosso Doc 2022, and “Sibilla della Gherardesca”, Toscana Rosé Igt 2023, in addition to “Le Vedute – della Gherardesca”, Vermentino Toscana Igt 2023, and “Della Gherardesca”, Brunello di Montalcino Docg 2019. All wines, those that color a truly noble range both in appearance and in the glass, which were developed by the team of oenologists and wine makers of Prosit Group, with the aim of safeguarding and enhancing the typical features of the individual denominations but with an innovative style.

A “noble” partnership for Prosit Group

The investment in the new brand represents a declaration of confidence in the future of the sector by Prosit, which operates in Tuscany through its subsidiary Cantina di Montalcino, acquired in May 2022 for a value exceeding 12 million euros, thanks to a of a unique business that safeguards the strong regional identity typical of the realities that make up the group.

“This is a partnership that focuses on new wine production in a prestigious area, capable of offering products of great value”, underlines Sergio Dagnino, CEO & Founder of Prosit Group in presenting the new project. “Our business model fits perfectly with the tradition and vision of a historic family, also thanks to Count Gaddo’s attitude of always looking ahead”.

Prosit Group presents the della Gherardesca collection: the new noble face of Tuscan wine from Bolgheri to Montalcino

The partnership with the Gherardesca family, which is based on an exclusive worldwide production and distribution license contract, is aimed at consolidating the position of Prosit Group as an innovative market player from the agronomic management of the vineyards to marketing planning, thus anticipating expectations of the most demanding and aware consumers.

“I chose Prosit Group for its competence and strategic vision and to actively participate in the production of unique, prestigious wines capable of best representing a territory, that of Bolgheri and Tuscany, which over the years has seen my family as protagonists”, explains the Count Gaddo della Gherardesca. “With Prosit and with Dagnino’s vision, the possibility of renewal becomes concrete, giving me the possibility, finally, to put our name on an important collection, given the bond that my family has always had with wine”.

The new brand to also cover the high range

The new project in the name of Tuscany and Bolgheri which makes its debut to enrich the Prosit Group offer fits perfectly in the wake of what is the strategy that the innovative wine reality led by Sergio Dagnino, currently composed of Cantina di Montalcino (Tuscany), Torrevento (Puglia), Nestore Bosco (Abruzzo), Tenuta di Collalbrigo (Veneto) and Casa Vinicola Caldirola (Lombardy), has been carrying on since its birth.

In choosing brand partners, Prosit Group pursues the objective of creating a complete and synergistic portfolio of brands, focused on the main Italian denominations. In addition to the distinctive business model, with full control of the value chain to provide a unique market positioning, the group stands out for operating as a leader in a growing global context and increasingly interested in Italian premium wines. Exactly like those that define the Gherardesca collection.

Prosit Group presents the della Gherardesca collection: the new noble face of Tuscan wine from Bolgheri to Montalcino

The della Gherardesca collection: glimpses of Tuscany in the glass from Bolgheri to Montalcino

The Gherardesca family has very ancient roots and is linked in every way to the history of Tuscany. Like a long gaze that from Bolgheri to Castagneto Carducci reaches important cities such as Pisa and Florence and then up to the coast, that of the noble family has always been synonymous with love for the land, uniqueness of taste, art of living and interpret life throughout the centuries. This is a bond that is clear at Castello di Castagneto Carducci, a true quintessence and glimpse of a Tuscany that the della Gherardesca have always contributed to preserving, bringing to life and often rethinking, also through wine. It is precisely the noble family who began the first forms of rational viticulture as early as 1600, shaping the areas of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci with vineyards alternating with woods of rare beauty. And it is in honor of a bond that has become indissoluble over the centuries that the Gherardesca collection of signature wines has come to life today. A project that shows labels that range between different perspectives and territories, of which they will try, from year to year, to express their specificities with continuity of approach and style.

The heart is in Bolgheri, where the “Gaddo della Gherardesca” is born, a Bolgheri Rosso with a strong character and a persuasive profile. A blend of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot, the result of grapes coming from vineyards in the plains, on the Strada Bolgherese. On the nose, the balsamic and spicy notes accompany nuances of blackberry and cherry. In the mouth, it is fine and complex, with a good texture and dense, powerful tannins.

Vibrant, graceful and elegant, “Sibilla” is a rosé with a strong personality and for this reason she bears the name of Sibilla della Gherardesca, Gaddo’s sister and central figure in Florence and Tuscany in recent decades. 70% Syrah, 30% Sangiovese, it is a pink interpretation according to a graceful and concrete style at the same time. The grapes come from Cerreto Guidi, precisely from Fattoria Montalbano, an excellent area for whites and rosés, characterized by sea breezes coming up from the Arno and a good temperature range. This is how a wine is born that is spherical, balanced on the nose and the floral notes are above all reminiscent of fresh, just-blossomed roses. In the mouth it is fresh, intact and with good structure. The citrus notes are the most evident.

Prosit Group presents the della Gherardesca collection: the new noble face of Tuscan wine from Bolgheri to Montalcino

Space, then, for the king of summer, that Vermentino which tells of the sunniest, windiest and carefree Tuscany. “Le Vedute” outlines in the glass a perspective capable of immediately surprising, but also of being remembered: just like a vision from the Castle of Castagneto Carducci which opens onto landscapes of woods, vineyards and the sea in the distance. On the nose it is rich and mineral, with hints of apricot and grapefruit, sage and flint. With ageing, notes of hydrocarbon and honey will emerge. In the mouth, flavor and liveliness are supported by a good structure.

To complete the collection, Brunello di Montalcino, an icon of Italian wine, produced here in very limited editions, could not be missing. Sangiovese 100%, red produced from a very careful selection of grapes from the most virtuous winemakers of Cantina di Montalcino, from vineyards located in the four quadrants of Montalcino. On the nose, aromas of violet, vanilla, Bourbon and geranium emerge. In the mouth, then, velvety and persuasive, it is supported by a succulent acid note. The tannins are deep and silky, the finish is long and enveloping. The perfect final brushstroke of a fresco where wines steeped in tradition already projected into the future peek out, with that touch of irreverence and grace typical of the della Gherardesca family.