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Puntabella: Arnaldo Caprai’s first rosé arrives from Lake Trasimeno

A new piece in the mosaic that Marco Caprai has been putting together for years for the valorization of Umbria’s wine heritage, even outside his “home” area, that of Montefalco: Puntabella makes its debut. A new label signed by Arnaldo Caprai which represents much more than a wine: it is, in fact, the first rosé that the Umbrian winery, symbol of the rebirth of Sagrantino, has decided to produce on the shores of Lake Trasimeno.

Sangiovese and Trasimeno Gamay for Arnaldo Caprai’s first rosé: Puntabella makes its debut

After the Metodo Classico Brut Arnaldo Caprai, produced with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes in the vineyards of Gubbio, today Puntabella sees the light, a rosé made from Sangiovese (60%) and Grenache (40%) grapes also called Trasimeno Gamay, even if Gamay is not.

According to many, Grenache is a black grape variety introduced in Italy as early as 1400 AD, especially in Sardinia, under the influence of the Spanish. It arrived in the Trasimeno area at the beginning of the seventeenth century thanks to Eleonora Alarcòn y Mendozza. Daughter of Isabella de Mendozza and Ferdinando Pietro, Marquis of Rende, educated at the court of the Viceroy of Naples Juan Alonso Pimentel de Herrera, as well as wife of Fulvio II Alessandro della Corgna, Marquis of Castiglione del Lago (Perugia), Duchess Eleonora would have brought as a dowry on the Trasimeno some cuttings of Spanish Grenache as a symbol of good omen.

Always planted as a sapling, Grenache was called “French Vineyard” by older generations, erroneously linking it to the vine used for Beaujolais, rather than positioning it correctly as a vine of the Grenache family, an error that still continues to persist today, remaining cataloged as a clone “091 Gamay”.

In Umbria it is a tiny production district that welcomes it, but from which an exceptional product is born: it is here that one of the undisputed standard-bearers of the wine history of the green heart of Italy, the Arnaldo Caprai winery, decided to give life to Puntabella, a Colli del Trasimeno Doc rosé with a French interpretation, but with an exquisitely Umbrian character.

Sangiovese and Trasimeno Gamay for Arnaldo Caprai 's first rosé: Puntabella makes its debut coming from the Lake Trasimeno.

Aged for three months in steel and three months in the bottle, it is a jaunty but clear and precise wine, where the rose and the powder are sipped with a bewitching and sensual flavor and finesse.

In detail, to the eye it appears pale pink with reflections that recall the delicacy of rose petals, but also of the sunset that can be enjoyed from Puntabella, one of the most evocative panoramic points of Lake Trasimeno.

On the nose it reveals a fruity and floral bouquet, dominated by notes of small red fruits and pomegranate, white pulp peach, accompanied by floral nuances of rose, wild flowers and delicate powdery notes.

On the palate it is fresh and balanced, with a pleasant acidity and subtle minerality which gives structure and persistence to the wine.

Enveloping with a pleasantly savory finish, the release year is 2023 and it was produced in 7 thousand bottles.