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Renowned Hong Kong Actress and TV host Florica Lin Named as Grant Burge’s New Brand Ambassador

Iconic Australian winery Grant Burge, with the backing of parent company Accolade Wines, continues to entrance wine enthusiasts with its diverse and inventive selections. Marrying legacy with innovation, they promise unparalleled vintages for connoisseurs. Building on this momentum, the winery’s “Leave Your Mark” campaign reveals its latest star: beloved actress and TV host, Florica Lin. She’s set to take the baton from the versatile Johnny Hui, famed for his roles spanning TV hosting, football commentary and acting. With Lin’s addition, it marks the second instance of a high-profile Hong Kong personality championing this role for the campaign.

Florica Lin is the new star of the “Leave Your Mark” campaign

As the festive buzz sweeps in, whether you’re planning moonlit moments with your special someone or gearing up for a lavish soirée with friends and family, ensure it’s unforgettable with “Leave Your Mark” and a glass of Grant Burge. 

From intimate dinners to grand celebrations, Grant Burge’s exquisite range caters to every palate and occasion, guaranteeing your wine selection is not just a choice, but an experience.

Grant Burge wines, crafted with advanced winemaking techniques for unparalleled quality, are now available at the following retail outlets in Hong Kong: Wellcome Supermarkets, Market Place by Jasons, 3hreesixty, PARKnSHOP, Fusion, International by PARKnSHOP, and Great Food Hall.

About Gran Burge

The Burge family planted their roots in the Barossa Valley in the 1800s inspiring five generations of devoted vignerons. After years of working on the family’s vineyard, Meshach Burge, the eldest son, decided it was time to branch out from the family business, away from viticulture and into the world of agriculture.

Meshach could not shake his innate love of grape growing, wine and winemaking. In 1865 he installed fermenting tanks in one of his sheds, intending to create wines that he could share with his friends and family. Out of his generosity came what is today the Grant Burge brand.

Renowned Hong Kong Actress and TV host Florica Lin Named as Australian Grant Burge 's New Brand Ambassador of the “Leave Your Mark” campaign.
Craig Stansborough, the winemaker