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Revolution Héritage Laurent-Perrier, first Champagne Brut from 100% reserve wines

A new revolution in bubbles, waiting to be uncorked and discovered, has just arrived from Champagne. It is signed by Laurent-Perrier. The famous Maison of Tours-sur-Marne presents the first Champagne Brut composed of 100% reserve wines, thanks to the savoir-faire that from 1812 to today has led it to give life to icons such as the prestigious numbered cuvée (and not vintage, this is its uniqueness) Grand Siècle, the pioneer Ultra Brut in the Champagne Nature category and the sought-after Millésimé Rosé Alexandra. The new Laurent-Perrier label has been named Héritage, a complex assembly of different harvests of the best Crus and two vines: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A meeting, in the first release now debuting, between reserve wines selected for their high quality and complementarity, where this time the 2019, 2018, 2016 and 2014 vintages make their appearance.

Laurent-Perrier presents Héritage the first Champagne Brut composed of 100% reserve wines

It is the experience of Grand Siècle that is put to good use with the creation of Héritage. In particular, that linked to the management of its reserve wine heritage, the foundation of its architecture.

Obtained from reserve wines that stand out for their freshness, elegance and complexity, Héritage is Champagne of great purity and perfect maturity. The difficulty in the preparation, conservation and management of reserve wines lies in the Chef de Cave’s ability to predict the aging potential of each vintage and parcel right from the vin clair: but Michel Fauconnet is a true master on this.

The famous Maison of Tours-sur-Marne Laurent-Perrier presents Héritage the first Champagne Brut composed of 100% reserve wines

Thus today we find ourselves faced with a product innovation that fully exploits the archive potential of a historic company like Laurent-Perrier. There is no prevailing basic vintage to define the Héritage recipe, which also broadens its horizon in the selection of ingredients by involving 40 Crus, exclusively Grand Crus and Premier Crus, with a contribution of at least 50% of wines from Grand Crus.

For a new entry that adds to the already profiled proposal of the Tours-sur-Marne Maison. A new approach, a true sublimation of the art of assembly, which is also a response to the increasingly frequent problems that afflict vintages and harvests, in Champagne but not only.

Then there is a style, which tells the distinctive character of Laurent-Perrier, a company that has built much of its success on the perfect storage of reserve wines.

We can say that with Héritage comes something new which refers to the origins of Champagne: to the concept of cuvée, read and reinterpreted once again in a unique way by Laurent-Perrier.

“A nose that offers notes of lemon, white peach and fruit in syrup followed by aromas of toasted bread and toasted almonds. In the mouth, a fresh attack that gives way to a lively, elegant and complex palate with aromas of white fruits and citrus peel”: this is how Héritage is described, a Champagne that offers a balance between freshness, elegance and maturity with notes of honey flowers. A wine that enhances dishes such as a bird pie, puff pastry with mushrooms or turbot with Champagne sauce.